In the digital age where everyone seems to text, message, or email everything, are you wondering just how important inbound calls really are to your brand’s conversion rates? Even with most people surfing the web to find information, inbound calls are still a relevant factor for a business’s customer service and brand.

Is a Phone Call Still an Important Factor for Businesses?

Yes, absolutely!

The phone is a business’s main opportunity to deliver exceptional customer service. People can’t detect inflection, tone of voice, personality, sincerity, empathy, or any other emotion when that message has been handled digitally. If you want to give your business a human factor, it is imperative to encourage current and potential customers to call you.

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Five Ways Increased Phone Calls Will Benefit a Business

Need more proof that phone calls still benefit a business?

1. Phone calls are more frequently answered than email messages that are quite often lost in a sea of other emails (if they’re received at all).

2. Phone calls are a more accurate reflection of your brand because there’s less chance of miscommunication.

3. Having an established phone number will make your business appear more legitimate and professional (even to people looking at your website or internet listings).

4. A phone call is generally more productive and removes the back and forth communication that comes from unclear digital messages.

5. It’s much easier to gain a customer and make a sale over the phone than it is using any digital method of communication. Your conversion rates will soar when the person calling can talk with a real person over the phone. This is because a phone call builds trust between a customer and the brand. And, because the most common sales tactics aren’t effective online.

For example, most people buy from people they like, and they can’t really like someone they’ve never talked to. In addition, anything digitally delivered is usually short and sweet, which doesn’t allow time to truly help a customer thoroughly understand your products and services.

Encourage Inbound Calls

If you want to encourage inbound calls, you should employ a click-to-call feature. A click-to-call feature will not only help encourage inbound calls but will also boost your conversion rates as well. This tool makes it easier for people to call your business and connect with a real person, which increases the chances of providing quality customer service.

What Is a Click-to-Call Feature?

A click-to-call feature is an onscreen mobile device function that allows the user to directly connect with you by tapping your business’ phone number or call now button on their screen.

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Why a Click-to-Call Feature Is Essential for Mobile Devices

A click-to-call feature makes it easier for a customer to connect with you. This is because they don’t have to write down your phone number then leave your page to go to their phone’s call screen to call you. One-click does it all.

What’s Next?

Are you ready to grow your business and increase your conversions? StratGrow is here to help you achieve all your growth goals. Whether you want to get more phone calls or improve your social media, we have you covered.

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