When you’re diving into business marketing, there are a lot of concepts to wrap your head around. If you take a quick look at the leaders in your industry, you’ll notice that their logo and business brand is often ingrained in people’s minds. When you hear the name “McDonald’s,” you automatically think of the golden arches.

None of that is accidental. While brand recognition is influenced by the number of times the audience sees your branding, there’s also an immediate response to these visuals. Companies with a great logo and memorable branding spent a good deal of time developing just the right marketing design.


How Important Is Your Business Brand?

Creating a marketing design plan for branding

Did you know that the color scheme of your logo can improve your brand recognition by up to 80%? Branding is about more than colors or even marketing design. It’s about the experience that the customer expects when they interact with your business across every platform. Your marketing design helps them find you and recognize you, which makes that a pretty integral part of your overall marketing efforts.

It takes more than one view before customers will associate your logo with your brand. Some statistics indicate that they have to see your branding 7 or 8 times before it sticks. Though an eye-catching logo that perfectly matches your marketing position will have an immediate impact — at least generating a positive feeling associated with the image.

This is why companies spend a great deal of time and money, determining just the right visual for their design efforts. On the surface, a logo seems like a small and easy to create an image. But there’s a lot more thought that goes into creating just the right effect.


Choosing Your Marketing DesignA color wheel to help pick which colors you should use for your brand

Color scheme, font, and imaging in your design can seem like a lot of hocus-pocus. Is there really a science behind the type of image you chose for your logo and business brand?

Actually, there is. Companies often use color psychology when choosing their design. This has a more significant impact than you might imagine. People universally pick up on the type of emotions that colors convey.

If you look at a brand like Coca-Cola, red is obviously their signature color. But it’s not just a shade of red — it’s an eye-catching, bright, primary red. The vibe here is excitement. When you add in the very distinctive lettering, which harkens back to their early years, it subtly showcases Coca-Cola’s long history. This provides a feeling of trust and durability. It evokes good times, great excitement, and childhood memories. Even if you didn’t drink Coke as a kid, you’d get that messaging.

There’s universal psychology to the color wheel, and you can play with your exact design by choosing shades within a color family. Blues, for example, are often used for technology because they evoke trust. Yellows are high energy and new beginnings, while greens are often equated with nature.

When you’re choosing your color pallet and design, the best method is first to clarify your own marketing position — what do you want customers to think about when they see your business? Then choose from the colors which compliment your branding.

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