In the world of marketing, things are always changing. From new research to new tools, marketing professionals and businesses are constantly challenged to quickly adapt to adjustments. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of digital marketing.

If it’s been more than a few months since you went over your digital marketing strategy, it may be time to take on the task. You might discover that all is going well, but chances are there will be at least a few items in need of adjustment in order to achieve the best results from your digital marketing and social media efforts.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is the term applied to the various actions taken when marketing online, from establishing goals to measuring performance. Depending on the nature of your business and your customer profiles, your digital marketing strategy may be nearly the same as your general marketing strategy. In most cases, it’s simply a branch of your overall marketing plan.

Digital marketing strategy tends to contain several key items. The first item is your goals. These could include improving Google search rankings or acquiring a specific number of new social media followers. After assessing your goals, the next step is to create customer profiles to reach your target audience. This is a huge part of digital marketing strategy, as is the case with most forms of marketing and advertising.

In order to get the best results from your digital marketing strategy, these items should be revisited and updated on a regular basis. If you’ve chosen to create your strategy rather than working with a digital marketing consultant, it can be difficult to find time to keep up with all of the updates that would maximize your efforts.

1. Reflect on Your Strategies to Create Better Ones

If marketing isn’t your passion, you may try to push it out of your mind as much as possible. While great for your sanity, this isn’t ideal for your business. When updating any marketing strategy, you’ll have to sit down and really analyze your strategies to discover what worked and what didn’t. This can reveal a lot about your audience, your business, and even your particular talents. As such, it has the potential to make it easier to fine-tune approaches in the future and drive you toward greater success.

2. Incorporate New Technologies and Platforms for Best Results

Technology in digital marketing is constantly evolving. Not all that long ago, apps and add-ons that allowed you to schedule posts were considered revolutionary. Now, there are intelligent Facebook bots that can interact with customers via messenger and even answer some of their most common questions. These bots aren’t even the most revolutionary development on the scene. When it comes down to it, if you aren’t regularly updating your digital marketing strategy, you can’t be taking advantage of everything out there that could be useful to your business and your brand.

Technology isn’t the only digital item that changes rapidly, as there are always new platforms for your business to appear on, as well. While the core social media platforms still reign supreme—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—there are other options that are seeing incredible success in the marketing realm. Snapchat, for example, is being embraced by more and more businesses every day, as well as LinkedIn and Pinterest.

3. Embrace New Trends and Give Them a Try

Jumping on the trend wagon can be intimidating, especially if you don’t feel very online savvy. There’s often great concern that you might come off as awkward, much like a parent trying to act cool in front of their teenager. But far worse is the risk of not embracing a trend until it becomes standard, at which point your business might appear to be moving with or behind the times, instead of being ahead of the game. Can hopping on the bandwagon go wrong? Occasionally, but with the right approach, you should be able to weed out the trends that aren’t for you and optimize the ones that rock your digital marketing goals.

4. Let Go of More Expensive, Traditional Advertisement Methods

If your business is still relying heavily on traditional advertisement methods and avoiding digital marketing— you could be missing out on the 7 out of 10 Americans with social media accounts.

Updating your digital marketing strategy regularly will allow you to steadily move away from less effective methods for your business and into a stronger marketing strategy overall. This way, not only will you be moving in the direction of most of your customers, but you’ll be saving money in the long run.

5. Increase Your Profits

While profits depend on the approach taken to digital marketing, updating your strategy is all about making constant small changes that deliver better results, every single day. In the end, better results are all about improving your bottom line. If you frequently update your online marketing strategy with professional expertise, chances are you’ll see steady growth over time.

6. Revamp Your Overall Strategy

Now that you know the benefits of updating your digital marketing strategy, the problem is that most business owners don’t know how to get started. To help get the ideas flowing, here are a few digital media marketing aspects you might embrace and alter when revamping your marketing plan.

  • Tweak the objective(s) meant to help you achieve strategic goals
  • Reevaluate the key performance indicators you are watching to measure your success
  • Embrace new tools for measuring your KPI success
  • Add or eliminate marketing channels based on how they are suited to your business and customers
  • Create a custom objective for each marketing channel that’s tailored to how it functions
  • Bring outsiders on board to get a fresh, professional perspective

7. Improve Underperforming Channels and Platforms

Your strategy may be delivering results, but it’s unlikely that everything will be at peak performance across the board. You may review your strategy and find that most items can be left as-is, but there may be a few things in need of extra attention. If any of your marketing channels aren’t performing as well as you would like, that’s a clear sign that an update is needed.

8. Improve Digital Marketing Performance

Unless you’re trained in marketing, looking at the data for your marketing channels may be a struggle to interpret and use to make changes. On the surface they might look positive, but what are you comparing them to? What should you be looking to achieve? If you’re unable to understand exactly how your channels are performing and use that data, you’re probably in need of expert help and some new tools to measure performance.

9. Get More Engagement Overall

Sometimes traffic leads to your website and people see your posts, but nothing happens. There are no likes, no comments, no shares…nothing. If this happens on occasion, it’s no cause for alarm. If you find that the majority of your posts see little to no interaction, however, this means that something isn’t working for your audience, which means it’s definitely time to tweak your strategy.

10. Kick Start A Dead-End Strategy

Sometimes what has been working for a long period of time will just stop delivering the results you want online. Your stellar digital content may appear to no longer be attracting the same attention it once did, or your SEO rankings may be dropping. This usually means that something big has changed in an online process or algorithm, and you’ll need to come up with some new strategies to try. Ultimately, keeping things the same will only result in a decline in performance in time. Once you notice this decline, it’s critical that updates and changes be made.

Getting the Help You Need

Here at StratGrow, we’re here to help you craft a digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business and customers, in order to deliver amazing results at a fraction of the cost. To discover how we can assist you, contact us today!

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