Your profile is a valuable resource whether you are a job seeker, an employer, or work in a public facing career such as an attorney or a sales professional. It is critical to have a comprehensive and attractive profile. Here are some of our tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in the crowd.

1. Follow News Channels and Influencers: Successful work-life depends on a constant flow of new information from trusted sources. Following reputed brands, news sources, and influencers on LinkedIn says that you aware of the world around you and that you inspired to develop professionally and stay on the forefront of your industry and interests.

2. Follow Successful Companies: Following organizations the provide insight and education for your industry will enhance the content of your newsfeed. This will keep you up to date in the corporate space with relevant news.

3. Certifications Show your Expertise: Certificates are awarded for all kinds of courses and skills. When they are on your profile, they boost your chances over other contenders. Especially if certain certifications are required for some positions, like certificates you receiving from passing licensing exams.

4. Volunteer Experience is Commendable: Volunteer work on your LinkedIn profile creates an aura of credibility around your resume. Whether you are performing direct service for a nonprofit organization or contributing to a fundraising event, philanthropic activities make you stand out.

5. Causes Define Character: You may be associated with causes outside you job role. Your values can influence volunteer work, hobbies, and interests. This section adds depth to your profile and shows character.

6. Elaborate Your Experience Section: When filling out your work experience, make sure to add details about the projects you undertook while at your previous companies. Quantifying successes, projects and those reporting to you makes it easier for others to understand your value. If you prefer to skip adding specifics of your role within each organization, it is acceptable to add a general summary about each company instead.

7. Write a Summary: Once you have completed writing your resume/profile, summarize your professional experience in career objectives in a couple short paragraphs. The summary can be similar to content you would put in a cover letter.

8. Update Your Photo: The profile picture of your LinkedIn profile needs to exude professionalism. A picture from a party or a restaurant does not do this. Use a recent photo of yourself wearing a dark suit with a basic background.

9. Customize Your URL: Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. Just like a catchy company name, your URL can reflect your personality, and not setting a customer URL can show a lack of attention to detail.

10. Recommendations Count: Recommendations are extremely helpful as they help build trust and reliance. Ask supervisors and colleagues from your current and previous positions to write you recommendations.

LinkedIn is a great place to network and make professional contacts. It is important to keep the above tips in mind to create a worthwhile profile that will attract positive attention and adequately represent your professional presence and history in our online-driven society.

By The Gurus of Growth

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