Your site is special to you and your existing audience. It’s unique, it has features that can’t be found elsewhere, and it’s ideally always improving. The trick to staying on “top of the pack” is convincing those outside your audience that your site is the place to be. To do that, your site needs to be a lighthouse in the storm – and that takes a combination of SEO tools and techniques to ensure your light glows brightly for all to see, even if there’s a “fog” of your competitors to cut through.

Building the Lighthouse: Keywords

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Using the terms and phrases that your potential audience is searching for is a practice that’s the foundation of a high-converting website. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense: why would you go to a store that didn’t sell what you needed? Your on-page copy – the words that appear throughout your website pages – should always reflect the terms that are popular in your service sector or industry, as defined by searchers. Working with an agency is the most efficient route to discovering what these words and phrases are – the DIY approach can lead to accidental keyword stuffing. Remember, the words that you associate with your business may not be the ones your potential clients have in mind!

Powering the Lighthouse: Accessibility

Your website has to be ready to work no matter where it’s accessed to capture the most attention from your potential audience. That means double-checking to see how your site appears on a desktop in different browsers or on digital devices is a must. Whenever a digital “renovation” occurs, or you update written or visual content, be sure to do a quick scan across a few devices to make sure it appears correctly. If you’re working with an agency or team of site professionals, you should also work with them to ensure full site compliance with accessibility tools like screen reading programs for the blind and visually impaired.

Maintaining the Lighthouse: Backlinks


The internet was originally called the world wide web for a reason: one of the most important factors in search engine-ranking a site is its trustworthiness. The more high-quality sites that provide connections – backlinks – to a source site, the more trustworthy it is likely to be in the eyes of a search engine. Ensuring a robust and ever-growing network of backlinks requires proactive engagement with target sites – a task that may seem almost insurmountable to a small-to-medium business with an already endless to-do list. Thankfully, digital marketing agencies are ideally suited to take on this burden. These SEO experts leverage their considerable content networks and marketing playbooks to ensure plentiful backlinks in all the right places.

While visually appealing site design and interesting subject matter are also important, in order to get both, your audience has to find you first. Creating a lighthouse for your site through keywords, backlinks, accessibility, and other SEO considerations will keep traffic flowing to your shores perpetually.

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