Landing pages can significantly increase your conversion rate, making them one of the most important parts of any digital marketing campaign. Understanding the role landing pages play in your sales funnel and how they work is essential if you want to make the most of this high-converting tool.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a single web page that has a sole purpose—to get visitors to take an action and click a link. You may have one or more of these converting sales tools out there at a time, picking up leads for you. Most brands find that one page for each form of traffic provides the best results. Each of your traffic sources, including PPC, email campaigns, social pages and organic content should lead to a dedicated landing page tailored to match the offer the prospect responded to. Landing pages help give visitors a reason to buy and result in higher conversion rates than traffic sources alone.

How Can Landing Pages Help My Brand?the word "Branding" cut out of yellow paper

Creating a landing page that meets the expectations of the visitor who just clicked through helps to build both authority and trust for your brand (provided the page delivers as promised). An optimized landing page will be easy for the viewer to navigate and have a single option to choose from. With an optimized page that delivers as promised, you’ll find a significant improvement in conversions over your core, standard website.

Landing Pages Boost Email Marketing Conversions

If you are already maintaining a healthy subscriber list and seeing prospective customers open your emails, creating a dedicated landing page for each offer or promotion ensures that those “opens” turn into purchases. Leading a prospective customer who responded to a specific offer to your regular website can be confusing for the potential customer, not to mention overwhelming. Offering too many choices may actually decrease your conversions. People may become distracted by other details or items and could easily forget why they clicked your link in the first place—or worse, they may navigate away from your site entirely. Landing pages for specific campaigns keep prospects focused and ensure they see the offer they responded to when they arrive on a website.

Social Networks and Landing Pages

Creating landing pages for the products or services you’re advertising or showcasing on your social networks makes it easy for visitors to become buyers. They’ll find an optimized, detailed page for the offer they responded to when you use a sound landing page strategy for your digital marketing.

Landing Pages Increase Conversions

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Providing your prospects with more detailed information about the item or offer they responded to creates an easy way to move forward and will increase your conversion rate, which will increase your revenue. The easiest way to measure the effectiveness of a landing page for your brand is to test one out for yourself. Create a landing page specifically for traffic coming from search engines—then use the same ad to lead that traffic to your home page and compare the results. If your business is like most, you will see a significant difference in the conversion data between the two methods.

Get Help with Landing Pages and Other Digital Marketing Campaigns

Landing pages are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, but they only perform well if they are easy to read, well-optimized and designed with conversions in mind. Let our team help you set up a high-converting page that gets results! Our expert team will help you quickly see what this powerful tool can do for your brand.

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