How Often Should You Update Your Website Content?

View your business website as a static, unchanging entity, and your business itself may become just as static and unchanging. You may be stuck in a rut with low levels of traffic or, worse yet, even lower levels of revenue. The savvy digital marketing team here at Strategic Growth Advisors has come to the rescue in such situations time and again.

The key to a successful online presence is to update your website content regularly. This keeps your business fresh and appealing to visitors and search engines alike. While there are no set-in-stone rules for website updates, we’re sharing recommendations we’ve seen lead to success:

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Website Content: Blogs, White Papers, Downloads

The online crowd is hungry for information, and you can consistently feed them by updating certain website content as frequently as possible. Optimized blog posts can play an integral role in driving targeted traffic to your site. It’s important to post new blog content weekly if possible, monthly at the very least.

White papers, e-books, and other downloadable content can be updated on a regular basis as well. This allows you to add new information to existing downloads or to create new downloads for additional topics or digital marketing campaigns.

Website Content: Pages, Tags, Keywords 

Updating existing website pages, tags and keywords can be done on an ongoing basis for best results. Set aside time daily to review your existing pages to see if you can make any improvements. Chances are, you can. Improvements can include things like updating:

  • Existing information that’s out of date
  • Language that feels stale
  • Title tags and headings to ensure they’re relevant and include keywords
  • Alt text to ensure every image contains descriptive text that points back to your business
  • Meta tags for both keywords and descriptions
  • Keywords to make sure they match the content or to rank for new ones
  • Keyword placement and proximity, both of which can affect results from search engines
  • Anchor text for inbound links to make sure it matches the content

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Setting aside time each day to tackle a page or two can work. You can also opt to do a thorough review of all existing pages every three to six months.

Website Content: Services and Products

You don’t want to wait three to six months to make sure your services and products are up to date with everything you offer. You can miss out on customers if you don’t provide timely info on the latest products, services, and specials you’re offering. And nothing can annoy a potential customer quicker than trying to order a product or service that you no longer offer.

Keeping your website content regularly updated is one part of the equation. The second part is reviewing your website stats to ensure the updates you’re making are making a difference. For additional help keeping your website and business thriving, contact Strategic Growth Advisors today.

SERPs and What They Mean for Your Business

Do you know where your content ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Are you sure?

Ranking high on the SERPs could mean the difference between skyrocketing traffic to your site and improving click-through rates or having none at all. So, let’s take a look at why achieving top rankings on popular search engines is so important and the one thing you must do if you want to grab more traffic than your competition.

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What Is a Search Engine Results Page?

search engine results page is what’s returned to a user after entering a specific word, phrase, or query into the search engine browser. The featured snippets are small bits of text from your site or meta descriptions that people can see as they browse the results pages. If your website does not appear when a user searches for related keywords, how will they ever know about your company?

Why High-Ranking SERPs Are Important for a Business

There are two ways to get traffic from search results pages. You can either pay for it or get it organically by using proven ranking factors like; well-researched keywords, high-quality content, fast-loading web pages, and relevant backlinks. If you are smart about on-site SEO and keyword usage, your page can rank well organically. Keep in mind that ranking organically does take a lot of time and effort, however. Taking the time to do keyword research, create compelling content, and improve page speed can help your business with the following:

  • It will bring you significantly more website traffic.
  • It will increase your brand recognition and authority.
  • It will give you more brand exposure.

5 Tips on How to Rank Highly in the Search Engines

Here are five quick tips for how to rank highly on the search engine results pages:

  1. Use high-quality content to increase relevant backlinks to your site. This will boost your domain authority and help propel you toward the top of the SERP.
  2. Always link back to your own content, either through guest blogging, internal links, or your social media posts.
  3. Make sure your page loading speeds (including mobile pages) are as fast as possible. It should take no more than three seconds to load any page on your site. You will not show up in search queries if it takes any longer than this to load a page.
  4. Develop, structure, and write your pages in a user-friendly way. You can do this by creating simple navigation, creating readable content, and being mindful of whitespace. Don’t forget also to make all pages easy for the search engine spiders to crawl. This means you should have no broken backlinks, relevant navigation, and as few indexing errors as possible.
  5. All your pages should be mobile-friendly, which will also help improve loading speeds and give you a better chance of ranking on SERPs.

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The One Thing You Must Do If You Want to Grab More Traffic Than Your Competition

Include as many questions and answers in your content as possible to increase your chances of gaining a spot in the Google Answer Boxes. Landing in any of the Google Answer Boxes is one of the best ways to grab more traffic and build authority and name recognition for your brand.

What’s Next?

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