Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency (And 7 Things to Look for in One)

Staying on top of your company’s digital marketing can be challenging. From managing your social media presence to optimizing your search engine rankings, you can easily spend hours upon hours each week on your brand’s online marketing. 

If you’re ready to free up some of that valuable time to focus on other aspects of growing your business, then it may be time to hire a professional marketing agency. Specifically, a marketing agency can handle every aspect of your digital marketing—ranging from social media and search engine marketing to content marketing, web design, and everything in between. 

Still, not all marketing agencies are created equal. By having a better understanding of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency and what to look for when choosing one to trust with your business, you can make your decision with confidence. 

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency 

Why hire a digital marketing agency, anyway? There are many benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency, starting with the fact that doing so can free up a great deal of time for you and your employees. Take a minute to consider how many hours per week you’re currently spending on things like: 

  • updating your social media page(s)
  • writing new blog posts
  • optimizing your website for SEO
  • purchasing ad space and tracking ROI

Now, think about the other important aspects of your business you could focus on if you could free up that time. You can do exactly that by hiring a digital marketing agency! 

Meanwhile, because you’ll be working with a team of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your business marketing will yield the results you want. Whether you’re looking to spread awareness of your brand, boost your search engine rankings, or grow your social media following—a marketing agency can do just that (and for cheaper than you might think). 

So, now that you have a better idea of the benefits of hiring a marketing agency, what should you be looking for when you hire one? 

1. Specific Industry Experience

Ideally, the agency you end up hiring will have plenty of experience in your specific industry. After all, different marketing strategies may be more effective in some sectors and less effective in others. A marketing agency that has experience working with other businesses within your industry will be better suited to help you grow and make the most of your marketing budget. 

2. Up-to-Date Skills and Methods

The world of digital marketing is constantly growing and changing, with new strategies and methods coming about on a constant basis. The right digital marketing agency for your brand stays on top of these changes and adapts its services/strategies to remain effective. 

When exploring your options for a digital marketing agency, don’t hesitate to ask them what steps they are taking to stay on top of changes in online marketing. If they can’t provide a satisfactory response, they may be “stuck in the past” using outdated marketing strategies that won’t help your brand. 

two women working with laptops

3. Excellent Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of choosing a digital marketing agency. If you have questions or concerns about your brand’s marketing along the way, you should be able to get in touch with a marketing professional quickly and reliably. Likewise, you should work with a digital marketing agency that will frequently send you reports and other correspondence so you can see exactly how your marketing strategies are performing and paying off. 

If an agency takes a long time to get back with your inquiry or doesn’t seem to have strong communication, it’s probably time to move on. 

4. All the Services You Need

Not all marketing agencies offer the same services, so make a list of what you need and then check to ensure that the agency you’re considering offers all of those services. Some common examples of digital marketing services to look for may include: 

  • social media marketing 
  • search engine marketing 
  • pay-per-click (PPC) advertising 
  • content marketing 

5. Portfolios and/or Testimonials

Ideally, the right digital marketing agency will not only say they have experience working in your industry; they’ll be able to prove it with portfolios and/or testimonials from past/current clients. Many digital marketing agencies will post their portfolios on their websites so that you can get a better feel for the type of work they’ve done in the past. Consider asking them directly if you don’t see a portfolio or any testimonials on an agency’s site. 

a diverse team of people working together

6. Transparent Pricing and Fees

Nobody wants to deal with surprise fees or unclear pricing when working with a digital marketing agency. Make sure that all pricing and fees are transparent and up-front before you sign any contract. Keep in mind that different agencies may follow different pricing models, so you’ll want to make sure you understand what you’ll be paying up-front and what additional fees you may incur along the way (such as management fees or extra costs for buying online ad space). 

7. A Strong Online Presence

You can tell a lot about a digital marketing agency from its online presence. Do they rank among the tops of search engine pages? Do they have a solid social media following? Is the content on their blog up-to-date? Make sure a digital marketing agency is “practicing what they preach” before you decide to trust them with your own marketing needs. 

Ready to Hire a Marketing/Design Agency? 

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By knowing what to look for (as well as which “red flags” to avoid), you can confidently select an agency to help grow your business. 

At Strategic Growth Advisors, we’re proud to offer a wide range of digital marketing services to suit your needs, with specific experience across several industries. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or find out more about us! 

Your Guide on How to Measure Success of a Marketing Plan

Wondering how to measure success of a marketing plan? If you’ve recently switched from brochures, radio ads, and the like in favor of a digital marketing plan, you’re likely wondering if you made the right choice. Are your efforts improving customer engagement, bringing in more revenues, and helping your company stand out from the competition? The only way to know for sure is by learning how to measure the success of a marketing plan. Thankfully, we’ve got your back. Just use this guide to learn the top ways to measure your success and determine if you’re on the right track.

Look at Key Performance Indicators

To best measure the results achieved with your marketing plan, just keep an eye on the following key performance indicators or KPIs.

Landing Page Traffic

As a top-of-the-funnel KPI, landing page traffic lets you know how many people respond to your marketing efforts. To best review this metric, you’ll want to create a landing page for each campaign in your marketing plan. Then, as your target audience navigates to each of those pages, you get an idea about which campaigns resonate the most.

Physical Leads

The physical leads KPI goes beyond traffic to tell the story of how many customers chose to move onto the next step in engagement. You’ll best capture this data by including a sign-up form for an email, call back, or the like on each landing page. As your visitors submit that form, they go from simply browsing your website to becoming a lead.

Sales Figures

In the end, converting leads to completed sales is the overall goal of all your marketing campaigns. So, to tell if you’re achieving your goal, just take a look at the sales figures for the products and services in question. If your revenues increased alongside your campaign rollouts, then you’re likely on the right track.

a woman pressing a button that says lead

Cost Per Lead

You’ll have to wait until the end of your marketing campaign to measure your cost per lead. This figure represents how much you spent to get people to engage with your company in a meaningful way. To figure it out, you’ll need to know how much you spent on the marketing campaign from the strategy phase to completion. Then, divide that figure by the total number of leads your efforts attracted to the company.

Marketing ROI

Marketing return on investment, or ROI, also occurs at the end of the campaign when all your sales figures are final. To calculate this number, subtract the cost of the marketing campaign from the total sales growth in that period. After that, divide that figure by the marketing campaign cost to get your ROI. For example, if you spent $500 on a campaign but made $4,000 in sales, your ROI is 700%.

Key performance indicators work best over time, so record them often and compare your results month after month. By the end of each quarter, you’ll get a clear picture of which marketing campaigns got the best results. Then, you can use that framework to adjust your plan and keep increasing the growth and success of your company.

Put Your Ear to the Ground

When it comes to marketing success, not all things are quantifiable with cold, hard data. How your marketing campaigns make people feel matters, too, as it reflects their connection with your brand. You’ll need to look at these two key areas with each campaign you run to figure that out.

Social Media

Your target audience will undoubtedly share their feelings about your ads, posts, and other marketing elements on your social media pages. So, carefully watch the conversations for bits of info you can use to hone your efforts.

In addition to gauging their feedback, pay attention to whether they tag their friends, share your posts, or ask questions that indicate an interest in your products and services. Don’t forget to engage with your audience, so you can help build their loyalty to your brand even more.


Reviews let you know where your company excels in pleasing your customers and where you can stand to do a bit better. Although most reviews revolve around the product or service itself, many customers will share what inspired them to make the purchase. As you come across that info, you can quickly tell which campaigns had the most significant impact on their buying decision.

To get the most out of their feedback, invite your customers to put their reviews right on your website. Beyond that, watch your social media accounts along with major review sites, like Yelp and TripAdvisor, to glean helpful info from a variety of sources.

Explore all the customer chatter alongside your KPIs for a well-rounded look at how well your campaigns hit the mark. Take note of any areas that your target audience didn’t find appealing and find a way to avoid that approach in the future. Over time, you’ll create campaigns that speak to your customers’ needs while strengthening their loyalty to your brand.

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Want to Know More About How to Measure Success of a Marketing Plan?

As you learn how to measure the success of a marketing plan, you can better gauge your efforts and make adjustments to your approach. If that all seems far too overwhelming, we have great news – You don’t have to go at it alone. You just have to hire a marketing agency to help you out.

Our team at Strategic Growth Advisors is always here to help you create winning marketing plans and measure their success every step of the way. If that sounds like just what you need, reach out to our team today at 800-721-4953 or by filling out our online form. Upon speaking to our team, you can sign up for our consulting services or simply let us handle your marketing from start to finish.

How to Use Classic Marketing Ideas to Increase Leads

Looking for original marketing ideas to boost leads? While most of your efforts should remain digital, old-school marketing tactics still have a lot of merit for small businesses. 

As much time as we spend in the digital world, it’s easy to forget that there’s an offline world, too. Not every marketing tactic needs to be online. Instead of focusing all your energy on increasing conversion rates, building social media campaigns, or attempting to create the latest viral video, consider original marketing ideas and techniques that have worked for decades. If you’re wondering how to increase leads, these original marketing ideas can help. 

Branded Promotional Items 

If you’ve ever attended a trade show or convention, you probably came away with a bag full of pens, jump drives, water bottles, and other trinkets bearing the name of companies that want your business. While rather ubiquitous these days, branded giveaways are a cost-effective way to see a significant marketing return. Your business’s name gets in front of potentially thousands of people and serves as a top-of-mind reminder of your product or service. And if you’re lucky, your branded promo item will become coveted by potential customers in the vertical you serve. 

original marketing ideas


Direct Mail 

When you send an email campaign, you can’t be sure your intended target sees the message. Emails can get lost in spam filters or stuffed into promotional folders, never to reach your lead’s eyes. That’s what makes direct mail messages a good alternative. When someone retrieves a well-designed postcard in their mailbox, rest assured they will glance at it. If your lead magnet (or offer) piques their interest, they’ll visit your website and offer up their email address or phone number. 

Pro Tip: Including a coupon or discount on a direct mail piece will prompt leads to visit your website or storefront. 

Loyalty Cards 

People tend to complete something once they’ve started it, especially if there’s a reward at the end. That’s what makes loyalty cards so enticing for small businesses. You may think of loyalty cards in the context of ice cream parlors or sandwich shops that give you a free treat or discount once the card is filled. But loyalty cards can be used at any number of small businesses. Nail salons, cleaning services, auto mechanics, and others can use this low-cost strategy to keep customers coming back. 

Radio Spots 

As more and more people watch streaming content or use a DVR to zip through commercials, TV ads just aren’t as effective. They’re expensive, too. Production costs and the actual ad buy can easily account for a small business’s annual advertising budget. That’s what’s makes radio an attractive option. People still listen to the radio in their cars, and radio spots are generally fairly cheap to produce. A creative jingle will help you gain brand identity and set your small business apart from the competition. 


original marketing ideas


Word of Mouth 

Have you ever heard of “teleconferenced peer influence groups?” The phrase was coined by a psychologist in the 1970s who used physician focus groups to discuss pharmaceutical products. Essentially, the psychologist observed how one or two physicians could sway skeptics by discussing the positive outcomes they had experienced after prescribing a medication to their patients. So “teleconferenced peer-influenced groups” is just a fancy way to say word-of-mouth advertising that influences others’ opinions of a product. Today, the phenomenon holds true. More than 90 percent of people say they trust friends’ recommendations and nearly three-fourths of people say word-of-mouth is a critical part of their purchasing decisions. 

You can influence your customers’ willingness to talking positively about your business by doing two things: providing good service and offering referral incentives. Giving existing customers rewards for sending new clients to your business is a great way to increase leads. 

Looking for More Original Marketing Ideas? Contact Us Today 

If you’re wondering how to increase leads, get in touch with Strategic Growth Advisors today. We are experts at digital marketing in Arizona and look forward to working with you. During a consultation, we’ll discuss ways to help improve your digital presence and offer insights into other old-school ways to increase leads. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Company LinkedIn Page in 2021

Looking for ways to improve your company’s LinkedIn page can be challenging. The algorithms cater to personal posts. Businesses often have a difficult time finding a good balance that’s personable and valuable for the follower. And that’s what your LinkedIn company page strategy should help you define. 

LinkedIn started as a professional networking platform, but it’s expanded. Today, it’s one of the best places to spend your time if you’re marketing B2B services. Companies often have a difficult time defining their social media strategies. You’ll see a lot of companies only sharing posts that pertain to their business. They don’t monitor or post often enough to fully utilize the channel. 

Here, we’d like to give you five ways to improve your company’s LinkedIn page to get better ROI from your time and improve your reach. 

Defining Your LinkedIn Company Page Strategy 

When setting up your LinkedIn company page, your content is a good place to start. The more detailed, the better. It’s also good practice to use hashtags and SEO keywords that make your profile easier to find. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, you need to devise your strategy. 

A LinkedIn strategy depends on the goals that you have for your business through LinkedIn. Are you looking to connect personally with new clients? Source talent? Improve name recognition? 

For most companies, LinkedIn can provide value for all of these goals. But targeting your primary goals will help you understand where to invest your time. If your goal is to increase brand awareness and conversion among prospective customers, you need to develop your content to serve that target audience. 

If you were looking to use LinkedIn to source the best talent, your messaging would be completely different. 

Once you know your goals and target audience, you’ll want to develop your posting schedule. The more often you post, the more quickly you increase views and connections. You can use your LinkedIn analytics to see how well your posts are received and which posts generate the most engagement. 

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Company LinkedIn Page 

The techniques you use to improve your LinkedIn company page will be dependent on your goals. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind that will help you improve your content and brand experience on the platform. 

1. Enlist Employee Ambassadors 

LinkedIn shares personal posts, and people respond better to individuals on social media than they do to company profiles. Your employees can offer a great megaphone for your messaging. There are a few ways that your employees can help boost your company’s LinkedIn page. 

They can reshare your posts to their own networks. They can also connect to your business page so that your social media manager can notify them whenever a new post goes live. Employees can also invite their connections to connect with your business page. 

Employees can be your best asset on platforms like this. They can help amplify your message, and they give a personal face to your company. 

Staff meeting

2. Use LinkedIn Features to Track the Competition 

LinkedIn makes it easy to see what your competition is doing on the platform. You can use analytics to track how your page is doing, how people find you, etc. But you can also use the analytics to track your competitors on LinkedIn. You can see how many followers they have and how many new followers they have. You can also see how often they’re posting and the type of content they post that gets engagement. 

What you’re looking for with your competitor’s performance is where there are holes in their strategy. If they’re not using certain features, those might be good places to concentrate your efforts. For instance, if they never publish leadership pieces, that might be an excellent strategy for your business to launch. 

3. Work with Influencers 

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn has influencers. For your business, this can be a great partnership. LinkedIn does have an influencer program, but you don’t necessarily need to go that route. You can reach out to someone in your industry you’re looking to connect with and establish a successful relationship together. 

The goal is to get your brand and messaging in front of a whole new audience. With this in mind, you want to target influencers who your target audience also follows. 

4. Publish Thought Leadership Pieces 

This is one of the best ways to give value to your audience. Thought leadership pieces are valuable because they’re not a rehashing of information they can find in any Google search. A thought leadership piece combines your own in the trenches experience with innovative solutions to problems that your audience struggles with. 

These don’t have to be published often, but a few value-packed pieces will help further establish your company page. 

Typing on laptop

5. Develop a Strict Posting Schedule 

If you want to see growth on your LinkedIn page, you need to post regularly. Several times a day is preferable. You also want to pay attention to the times of the day that you post. There are specific times that get better engagement. For most B2B businesses, you’re going to see higher engagement in the mornings on weekdays. However, you should check your analytics. You may notice a different pattern if you play with the timing of your posting schedule. 

Best Practices for Your LinkedIn Company Page

There are some best practices that will help on LinkedIn, no matter what your goals are. Using visual content is a good practice. This can include images and videos. You can also use LinkedIn Live and play with those features because there tends to be a great deal of engagement in video, especially live video. 

Stick with your posting schedule. If you post three times a day, make sure that you are committed to that schedule. If your audience never knows when to expect new content, they stop looking for you. So the more regular, the better. 

One final best practice is to make sure that you engage with your audience. Make sure you respond to every comment or response promptly. Don’t just post content. It is still a social media site, even if a more professional one. If you go out of your way to engage with people and respond to them, credibility and positive results will follow. 

Tips for Building Brand Personality in 2021

Your company’s brand is its business card to the world. Few things are as important as building brand personality to create awareness of your company. Implementing new business branding ideas also drives consumer perception and increases demand while allowing your business to stand out from the competition. 

Maybe you understand the benefits of big brand ideas but need help coming up with them. Strategic Growth Advisors provides the business branding ideas you need in this blog. After considering them, we invite you to work with us to turn these ideas into reality. 

Define Your Company’s Archetype 

Carl Jung, the well-known and respected psychologist, was the first to develop the concept of a business archetype. Apple and Microsoft are two examples of successful companies that used Jung’s theory to their advantage. He claimed that success in sales goes beyond just selling the product or service. Businesses must also sell a story since this is critical to building brand personality. 

Microsoft has achieved worldwide success by selling the story of its products being like the girl or boy next door. The brand is always close to people wherever they go. Essentially, Microsoft sells the story that their products integrate with everyday life. Apple sells its products based on a visionary archetype. The image people associate with it is one of a trendsetter. 

Your company’s archetype does not need to be anything like Microsoft’s or Apple’s to reach your target audience. However, it does need to be authentic. The first step in creating a compelling story is to develop it around a representative archetype. 

user experience

Start Using Heat-mapping 

Heat-mapping is a strategy that enables you to learn in-depth data about your website visitors. Here are three examples of rich data provided by heat-mapping software: 

  • Each customer’s journey before arriving at your business website 
  • Most common areas people click on your business website 
  • How far down people scroll on each page 

Be sure to act on information obtained from heat-mapping software right away to improve your brand image. For example, condense the information on your home page if you discover that most people do not scroll all the way to the bottom. Your website should match the typical workflow of your customer demographics as closely as possible. 

Consider Redesigning Your Company Logo 

The logo your company presents to the world is a huge part of its brand identity. You cannot afford to release an unprofessional logo created by an amateur if you hope to win customers. We recommend taking a moment to consider your company’s logo against a few of the most well-known logos. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are just two common examples. People see those logos and immediately think of soft drinks or fast food. 

You also need to think about whether your business has outgrown its current logo. What worked for you in the beginning may be too simplistic now. Having a team of professionals review the existing logo and provide personal brand logo ideas is the best place to start. 

Once you get back a list of suggestions, conduct market research to see which logo customers prefer the most and why. Knowing why people gravitate towards one logo design over another helps your marketing team improve before the final release. 

Personalization is an Important Part of Building Brand Personality 

Customers care about themselves and their problems, not your company. The most successful businesses understand this and build their brand around what they can do for customers. The message should never be the other way around. 

At the same time, people expect the companies they do business with to personalize their products and services. How can you go beyond using a customer’s first time to offer a truly personalized experience? Consider these options: 

  • Email: The best way to personalize email is to track the types of information your customers consume and tailor your message accordingly. Email from your company should align with customer interests and buying habits. They are likely to delete it without reading if they can tell your company made no effort to treat them as an individual. 
  • Retargeting: Studying the pages a person visits on your website gives you insight into what is important to them. Turning that data into personalized display ads increases your chances of getting that person to come back to your website to make a purchase. 
  • Helpful content: Developing and publishing useful content without any hint of a sales pitch is a great way to develop your brand. Be sure to customize the blog posts, videos, infographics, and other content based on previous interactions on your website. 

Facebook Ads 

Be Willing to Become More Authentic on Your Social Media Channels 

Although we stated above that customers care more about their problems than your company, they still value authenticity. No one enjoys looking at posts and video content of a business trying to be something it is not. 

Social media provides a unique opportunity to show authenticity because no barrier exists between your company and its audience. Your audience may enjoy the occasional poll or behind-the-scenes look at operations. You should not expect these things to have a heavy influence on their buying decisions. 

Another advantage of creating accounts is that it allows your business to interact with customers in real-time. They can get immediate responses to their questions. People also appreciate a place to interact with brands where they do not feel someone is constantly marketing to them. These interactions help consumers develop trust when they do feel ready to make a purchase.

Need More Business Branding Ideas? Contact Strategic Growth Advisors Today 

Branding is just one of several services we offer as part of our growth marketing services. We invite you to contact our office in Tucson, Arizona, to request your initial consultation. This meeting gives us a chance to gain insights about your company while answering all your questions. 

We look forward to working with you and helping your company develop new business branding ideas soon. 

How Newsletter Marketing and Direct Email Spur Shopping Performance

With technology at a shopper’s fingertips, companies search for new ways to promote products and services. Positive business interactions produce positive sales. Yet, how do you tell a customer that your company even exists? Also, once a customer knows of your existence, how do you make them return to your company? Email and newsletter marketing offers critical solutions to attract and retain customers. 

What is Email and Newsletter Marketing? 

Direct marketing through email involves sending messages directly to a targeted customer pool. The messages may focus on different verticals such as offering product promotions, informing customers of new products, or providing customer rewards. You may also use emails to follow up on recent sales transactions or perform customer surveys. Email marketing builds a relationship with a customer to create company loyalty. 

Newsletter marketing focuses more on relaying important information to the customer. A newsletter may inform them of company news, upcoming conferences, or upcoming products. It may also provide helpful tips or advice. Think of a newsletter much like a newspaper that offers a softer sales approach. You want to provide information in easily digestible, bite-sized chunks. 

email newsletter

Benefits of Email Marketing 

Email is versatile. You may use it in numerous ways. If a shopper abandons their shopping cart, your company can send an automated message to remind them about their items. After purchase, an email may inform them of a special offer or discount for their next purchase. It also allows you to run sweepstakes and contests. 

Another advantage is that customers may sign up at any point. You may offer an email sign-up button after the customer makes a purchase or completes a survey. They may also sign up to receive emails when creating an account. You may have a sign-up button somewhere on your site. 

Lastly, emails allow customers to read them at their convenience. If customers do not feel rushed, they may be more positively inclined to interact with the email and make additional purchases. 

Benefits of a Newsletter 

Newsletters are more customer-oriented. They focus on the topics that customers are most interested in. 

They don’t focus entirely on the hard sale. Instead, it will feature engaging news that encourages people to keep reading. Then it may offer a small free-standing insert that features promotions and deals. With people already invested in the news value of the newsletter, they are more receptive to continue reading the promotion. 

You may set up newsletters to be sent out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They are designed to limit customer churn by engaging existing customers. You can opt for printed newsletters, email newsletters, or both to retain a loyal customer base. 

email subscribe

Considerations for Email and Newsletter Marketing 

When marketing your company with emails and newsletters, a top consideration is to have similar promotions through all channels. You don’t want to offer a 15% promotion on social media, a 5% email promotion, and a 10% promotion in the newsletter. You want a consistent message throughout each method of communication. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to make it easy for customers to sign up for both. Place sign-up buttons, tabs, and forms where a customer will see them. You may combine both email and newsletters under one opt-in button. Yet keep in mind that some people may only want one or the other if both are sent electronically to their in-boxes. So, separating them in this instance may provide customers with better options without getting repeated information. 

You also want to encourage customers to share the emails or newsletters. An extra discount on a subsequent purchase may lead to repeat sales from existing customers if they refer someone over with a newsletter or email. 

There are many ways to market your company to customers. Newsletters and email campaigns are additional avenues that could help build a loyal customer following. 

Case Study Benefits | Storytelling to Make Your Business Shine

Case studies are a fantastic piece of content to add to your digital marketing strategy. What makes this type of content so different? They bring your audience directly into the customer’s journey with engaging content. They are part sales, part testimonial, and part storytelling. While they take skill to produce, a well-written case study benefits your business brand and marketing goals. 

One of the reasons that case studies offer such great ROI is because they are honest. The reality is that the best marketing efforts are sincere. What the case study does a little bit different than other content is it showcases your customer journey, from start to finish. Your audience gets to see how your customers benefitted from your products or services. And it’s written in an engaging way that keeps them entertained. 

The case study is effective because it doesn’t rely on gimmicks or fancy sales pitches. In fact, a case study doesn’t even read as marketing. Instead, it gives your audience an inside scoop on the success story you were able to help a client realize. 

What is a case study? 

While testimonials are helpful, a case study gives you a way to control the messaging for a fuller picture. This way, your team can ask questions from the customer and include data that showcases a positive ROI. With a testimonial, the customer gives a statement or perhaps answers questions. It’s not as engaging and doesn’t show the whole journey. 

In a case study, you tell the entire story from start to finish so the audience can clearly see how the process worked. You can add quotes from the subject of your case study and data to help your audience understand their savings, improved productivity, or increased profits. The case study is effective because your decision-maker is engaged emotionally. But they can also see clear data that showcases how their business would benefit from partnering with yours. 

searching online

What case study benefits make them worth the effort? 

There are many benefits to using a case study. When they’re done well, the case study gives concrete examples that your target audience can see. When deciding on the client to feature in your case study, you should consider the target audience. For example, if you want to target more companies in the healthcare industry, make sure your case study features a company in that industry. If your key audience intends to fix a specific problem, say productivity, make sure your case study showcases ROI for productivity. You get the idea. The main benefit is that the case study can be tailored to depict the whole journey for your ideal customer. 

What type of benefits do you receive from a case study? They bolster your other marketing campaigns in a few ways. 

  • They help you build brand trust. Like testimonials, case studies act as a referral. But they are also written engagingly, so they act as marketing. And they also include data, so they entice the decision-makers. Case studies give you a lot of bang for your buck in building trust and transparency with your audience in a strategic way. 
  • Give your sales team data. Your sales team can use the data from your case studies to help them showcase the ROI when they’re closing deals with your customers. 
  • Give your sales team helpful content to share. Your sales team can also send case studies that are targeted for contacts to help them increase conversion. 

Storytelling tips to make your case study engaging 

We said earlier that it takes a good deal of skill to create a case study. This is true. You need to gather information, identify the best company to spotlight, ask them to agree to be interviewed. Then you need to take all of that information and turn it into an engaging journey. 

Here are some tips to make sure your case study brings in a high ROI: 

  • Share your case studies. It would be best if you made your case studies easy to find. You can’t just put them in a small section of your website and expect people to see them. Share them with your email list and on social media. You should also add CTAs to your case studies where appropriate in your content and on your landing pages. 
  • Make sure you’re capturing the data. One key aspect of a successful case study is that the decision-makers can see how their company will benefit. This is always done through numbers. Percentages of improvement or increased sales. Value is key. It would be best if you highlighted what they stand to gain. 
  • Make the format easy to skim and read. The design should be as engaging as the content. Make sure that you’re using graphics that are easy to understand and that your format is skimmable while still offering a great story. 
  • Capture the journey all the way through. Don’t just highlight a few details. Make sure you capture the story from start to finish and highlight how your company solved a problem or created value. 

building a portfolio

Are you looking for a marketing firm in Arizona to help with your case studies? 

Case studies are challenging to create but completely worth the effort for your brand. If you want your case study to engage the audience and truly highlight what your company does best, it’s essential to get this content asset right. 

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Top Content Marketing Statistics for Marketers in 2021

As every year rolls by, it’s pretty common to wonder what’s changing in the trends for content marketing. By looking at the statistics for marketers in 2021, you can stay on top of these changes and adapt your content marketing strategy to these changes. This is one of the easiest ways to mitigate risk in your content marketing strategy. Here’s a look at some of the top content marketing statistics for marketers in 2021. 

Basic Visual Content Statistics 

  • It’s believed that 70% of companies are now investing in content marketing, including visual marketing options. 
  • Video is now the primary form of media used for content marketing. 
  • Product promotions entail 25% of all marketer approaches to content marketing, while 20% use it for branded storytelling. 

Content Marketing Type 

  • Most of the time spent by marketers is in creating Facebook and website content. 
  • Visual and design content are among the most significant challenges faced by 23.7% of marketers. 
  • Visual marketing is ranked as very important by 49% of marketers and essential by 22% of marketers. 
  • Visual content is primarily used on websites and blogs by 49% of marketers, followed by social media. 
  • Information in images is retained by 65% of people as compared to 10% of what they hear three days later. 
  • It’s predicted by 40% of marketers that 51-80% of businesses will rely on visual content in 2021. 

planning user experience

Marketing Statistics for Video 

  • Since 2012, mobile video usage has increased 17 fold. 
  • According to Cisco, global internet traffic from video is projected to make up 82% of all internet traffic by consumers by 2022. 
  • It’s calculated that 70% of YouTube viewers look for videos to help with a specific problem in their job, hobbies, studies, or related areas of interest. 
  • YouTube is the leading source of video content globally at 83%, with Facebook falling second at 67%. 
  • Video streaming, specifically live streaming, has grown significantly, with the Twitch platform seeing annual growth of 14.3% in 2020 and 1.645 billion watch hours monthly. 
  • By comparison, in 2018, 54% of consumers wanted more video content from brands and businesses they supported. 

New Visual Marketing Trends 

  • VR product usage in 2019 reached 42.9 million Americans, with 68.7 million people using AR monthly worldwide. 
  • VR spending by businesses is anticipated to reach $9.2 billion this year, outpacing leisure use of the technology. 
  • One-quarter of VR users see strong potential for marketers and brands to use the technology. 
  • Though 64% of consumers still say VR has the most potential in gaming sectors, 52% see potential in film and TV. 
  • In 2019, 57% of marketers had used live video, a figure which has probably expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • As compared to traditional video, Facebook Live generates ten times more engagement. 
  • Of all Twitter video plays, 90% are viewed on mobile devices. 
  • Of all videos, 73% are two minutes or shorter in length. 
  • It’s estimated that 85% of adults watch content on multiple devices simultaneously. 
  • According to Lowes, how-to videos shown in VR had a 36% higher recall rate than traditional videos.

Infographic Statistics for Marketers in 2021 

  • Infographics make up the fourth most commonly used content marketing media. 
  • Among B2B marketers, infographics have seen the most significant increase in use, currently at 67%. 
  • Directions provided with both text and illustrations are understood 323% better than directions provided in text only. 

Content Marketing Social Media Statistics 

  • Among consumers, 70% watched Facebook Stories more often than on Snapchat or Instagram. 
  • Stories are used by over half a billion Instagram accounts daily. 
  • Four million businesses use Instagram Stories monthly, with 58% of people surveyed being more interested in a brand after seeing the ads. 
  • The largest Instagram user demographic in the U.S. were from ages 25-35, making up 33.1% of the social media platform’s user base as of January 2021. 
  • Instagram’s Facebook advertising revenues rose from 13.6% in 2016 to 31.8% in 2019. 
  • It’s estimated that 35% of Instagram Story users prefer to engage the shorter narrative-styled Stories more often, followed by interactive stories focused on polls and quizzes. 
  • It’s estimated that 69% of consumers keep the sound off when watching online videos, per Verizon Media. 
  • Comparatively, social media Stories are watched with the sound on sometimes by 56% of consumers, and the sound is always on only 29% of the time. 

online marketing


  • A 20% increase in teen use of Snapchat and Instagram has happened since 2015, with 72% of teens having an Instagram account and 69% of teens having a Snapchat account. 
  • Video Tweets have ten times the engagement of Tweets without video. 
  • Articles with images every 75-100 words gain twice the social media shares as articles with fewer images. 
  • Posts that have images on Facebook get 2.3 times the engagement than those without them. 
  • Out of all Facebook content, 15% is video, a percentage that is rising. 
  • The best length for Facebook engagement on video is from 2-5 minutes. 
  • There were approximately 250 million active daily Snapchat users in 2020. 
  • There are 169 million active users on Pinterest for advertisers to reach. 
  • Pinterest shopping ad revenue increased by 100% in 2019 alone. 
  • Product or services shown in use on Pinterest ads are 67% more likely to result in conversions. 
  • YouTube reaches more adults during prime time viewing hours than any individual cable TV network. 
  • Of  YouTube subscribers from 18-34, half would stop what they are doing to see a new video released by their favorite channel. 

In Conclusion 

Statistics drive smart marketing spending by showing how our society is evolving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But how does your company stay on top of these changes with everything else going on every day? Strategic Growth Advisors provide your company with solid options for growth so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more information, or to schedule a consultation with our seasoned professionals. 

Design Rush’s Top Tucson Web Design  Companies

For years, DesignRush has proudly served as a trusted guide, helping brands connect with the best professional agencies that they need to generate the results that they deserve. Since its inception, BrandRush has always analyzed and ranked hundreds of different agencies all in an effort to connect users with the web design companies and digital marketing experts to take their messaging to the widest audience possible. 

The industry-savvy experts at DesignRush also compile ongoing rankings of the best web design companies in specific areas, all to help as many organizations as possible find the best collaborator for their business. That’s a big part of the reason why the team at StratGrow are proud to announce that DesignRush has selected them as one of the top digital marketing Arizona providers operating in Tucson and the surrounding areas. 

DesignRush and StratGrow: A Perfect Pairing 

Part of the reason why this ranking is so important is because since its inception, StratGrow has always seen itself as more than just another web design Arizona provider. We’re a true growth agency in every sense of the term – one that helps clients who are seeking to aggressively grow revenues and profits succeed on the largest scale possible. business partner in every sense of the term – one that is every bit as devoted to the success of our clients as they are. Every last member of the StratGrow team has decades of combined experience between them, having successfully operated, grown, bought, and even sold companies. 

That’s also a reason why we’re able to see the “bigger picture” that most other providers miss. If you truly want to grow aggressively, you need to think about more than just visually pleasing website design. You also need to account for factors like SEO, social media, digital content, and much, much more. Lucky for our customers, we’re experts in the field and can help expand their reach, build their brands and attract more customers than ever – all at the exact same time. 

Given the fact that the team at DesignRush are experts in the field themselves, being named as one of the Top Tucson Web Design Companies is a true honor. It’s also a sign that Stratgrow’s care, commitment, and attention-to-detail have been more than worth the effort to this point – and that is the type of progress that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

About Leamon Crooms 

Leamon Crooms is the CEO and Founder of Strategic Growth Advisors, LLC. Since originally opening their doors in 2003, Crooms and his team have been proud of the way they’ve been able to disrupt traditional marketing at every opportunity by developing and implementing far more effective solutions for their clients in the fast-paced digital world that we’re now living in. Prior to founding Strategic Growth Advisors, Crooms’ long and storied career saw him lend his expertise to such organizations as Wells Fargo Bank as a retail and commercial banker and Providence Service Corporation as their Chief Strategy Officer in charge of all M&A activities. 

Why Video is So Important For Your Business and Website

Are you looking to make the most of your digital marketing efforts? If you’re not already incorporating video into your website and social media posts, you could be missing out. At Strategic Growth Advisors, we frequently see first-hand what a difference the right video content can make with our digital marketing Tucson clients.

It Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

First of all, adding video content to your business website can improve your search engine rankings. That’s because video content tends to keep visitors on your site for a more extended period of time. Time spent on a page is an important metric tracked by search engines like Google; the longer visitors stay on your site, the better this is for your search engine rankings.

It Engages Your Viewers

Video is also a great way to create visual interest on your site and break up large blocks of text or other content. This is important because today’s website visitors generally don’t want to read through a huge wall of text to get the information they need. Instead, they prefer short and easily digestible video content for this purpose. When you have great video content available, your site is more engaging and exciting to your visitors.

It’s Easily Shareable

When you create a truly unique and interesting video that resonates with your audience, you’re also more likely to score those coveted shares on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Compared to straight text, video content lends itself to easier sharing on social media. This, in turn, can help you spread the word about your business and increase overall awareness of your brand. It’s also easy to add “share” buttons to most video content that makes it even easier for users to spread the word on their favorite social media platforms.

It Offers an Excellent ROI

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, video content offers one of the best returns on investment of any other media. While specific ROI can vary from one campaign to the next, it is relatively easy for businesses to track their returns on each video to determine what’s working versus what’s not. From there, businesses can refine their video marketing strategies to optimize their budgets.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

With more people using mobile devices to browse the web than ever before, it’s important for your website’s content to be mobile-friendly. Fortunately, video content is very appealing to a growing audience of mobile users—and this trend is likely to continue indefinitely as more people use their smartphones and other mobile devices for everyday browsing.

Get help with your digital marketing Tucson ready to start implementing video as part of your digital marketing strategy? Our team at Strategic Growth Advisors is here to help. We have the tools, experience, and resources to create quality video content that will grow your brand. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business!

The Importance of Digital Marketing in 2020

Are you looking to implement a digital marketing strategy for your growing business? There’s never been a better time! With so many different digital marketing options, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to content marketing and social media campaigns, you can find the best combination of strategies for your business.

No matter which route you go, there are several benefits to using digital marketing for your business.

digital marketing

Potential For Global Reach

Unlike many forms of marketing, like radio and television ads, a digital marketing campaign can reach a global audience. Search engine optimization, for example, can improve your page ranking on popular search engines like Google. This, in turn, makes it easier for potential customers to find you regardless of where they may be located. And, of course, if you wish to target a more localized audience, there are plenty of tools and resources for this as well.

Excellent Return on Your Investment

When you spend your marketing dollars on digital marketing, you’ll enjoy a high return on your investment. While exact ROI figures can vary from one specific type of digital marketing to the next, the fact remains that this form of marketing is one of the best ways to allocate part (or all) of your advertising budget. Email marketing, for example, can yield an ROI of 122%, while social media marketing can achieve an ROI of 100% or more! If you’re looking for a low-risk way to utilize your marketing funds, digital marketing is certainly the way to go.

Completely Measurable and Adaptable

The success of a digital marketing campaign is effortless to track and measure, allowing you to determine what’s working versus what may not. Using free tools to generate analytics and reports is an excellent way to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns with confidence, which takes out some of the guesswork. And because digital marketing is so easily adaptable, you can make changes to your campaigns quickly and easily in most cases.

Take Advantage of the Digital Shift

There has never been a better time to get started with digital marketing for small businesses, especially considering how the coronavirus pandemic shifted many business operations online in 2020. Because of COVID-19, digital business transactions are on the rise, and more people are working remotely. As a result, your target audience is more likely to respond to your digital marketing efforts than ever before.

Ready to Get Started With Digital Marketing? StratGrow Can Help!

With all of the advantages digital marketing has to offer your business, why not get started today? If you’re looking for some professional guidance on launching your first big digital marketing campaign, our team here at StratGrow is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to take your business to new heights!

Does Your Website Need a Privacy Policy?

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is arguably one of the most essential legal agreements for your business. Your company’s website needs a clearly stated privacy policy, even if all of your business isn’t conducted online. You also need one regardless of where your internet traffic comes from. 

Your privacy policy is a showcase of your transparency. Simply put, it states what data you use, store, and share from your customers and why. It should not be a complex document filled with legal jargon. 

Privacy Policy Service Documents Terms of Use Concept

Who Needs a Privacy Policy? 

Privacy Policies are required by law. In The United States, according to the CalOPPA: California Online Privacy Protection Act, any business that collects personal information from California-based users (i.e., email addresses, phone numbers) must have a privacy policy.

Considering that California is such a large state and anyone with an internet connection can visit any site, this translates to virtually every business website needing one. Canada and Australia have their own privacy laws as well.

So even though this topic varies slightly by country, the world wide web connects us regardless of geographical location. So that’s why privacy policies should protect consumers everywhere, all the time. 

Other Considerations

Third-party services such as Google Analytics may also require a Privacy Policy from your business. App developers and social media giants like Facebook require them too. 

lock on laptop

How Do I Create a Privacy Policy?


Termaggedon is an online service that crafts a privacy policy for you. However, their pricing plans may vary depending on the needs of your business. It’s one of the most accessible and most convenient options available. Once it’s ready, you can create a page for your new privacy policy on your website. 

Compare & Contrast

Another strategy for crafting a thorough privacy policy is comparing it with examples online or even with other business owners that you are familiar with. It wouldn’t be wise to copy, but other examples are good to use as a rough template when first starting out. You can also check out our own website’s Privacy Policy. Feel free to use it as a general template for your own!

Next Steps

If you already have a privacy policy in place, it’s critical to keep it updated regularly. Your company’s website will evolve, just like your marketing strategy and cyber laws will, too. 

2020 & Beyond

We will likely see more of these data privacy laws in the near future. If your business needs to step up its online presence, contact StratGrow today. We specialize in digital marketing, web content, social media, and much more. 

Social vs. Physical Distancing: A Closer Look

For the past few months, states across the country have begun to enact mandatory social distancing guidelines to help curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This swift wave of action has also included closing non-essential businesses and even schools.

Since there are already thousands of confirmed cases here in America, the best defense so far has been social distancing, or measures taken to get individuals to self-isolate as much as possible. When out in public for essentials such as groceries, individuals are encouraged to remain at least six feet apart at all times.

Places such as New York City are even beginning to double the fines associated with breaking social distancing rules, such as hosting a house party or other large gathering. NYC has seen an explosion in COVID-19 cases due to its densely packed population. Hospitals are overwhelmed and even have a shortage of medical supplies. Despite endless media coverage of this chaos, there is still hope. 

social distancing concept in wood type

Social vs. Physical Distancing

Limited physical contact doesn’t have to mean limited social contact. Experts have already weighed in on how this period of self-isolation will (potentially) negatively affect mental health. Social media news feeds are filled with day-to-day updates on the spread of this new virus. 

Technology connects us in more ways now than ever before. We still have the ability to call, text, or video chat with each other. We can also connect through a variety of social media platforms with those we care most about. You can catch up with an old friend, call a parent, or check in on a coworker. 

That’s why the World Health Organization has promoted labeling these new practices as physical distancing, not social distancing. You shouldn’t have to cut your social ties during these current times; you should actually be strengthening them. Public health officials have already begun to advocate that groups adjust their wording accordingly.

social distancing word cloud on tablet

Sacrificing your mental health to preserve your physical health isn’t exactly a fair trade-off. You can always reach out to friends and family because communication keeps us connected during these uncertain times. Long gone are the days of flip phones and ten cents per text message. Most people now have at least a phone, wifi, email, the list goes on. Staying connected and informed is easier than ever. 

2020 & Beyond:

These uncertain times have shifted much business into the online realm. If you need help transitioning certain aspects of your business online, contact StratGrow today. We are a Tucson-based digital marketing agency specializing in content, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, website design, and much more. 

The CARES Act: What You Need To Know

There has been a myriad of recent media buzz regarding the coronavirus stimulus package or the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act. Social media is regularly flooded with comments, memes, and news articles about the infamous $1,200 relief checks adults will supposedly be receiving in the near future. 

But how is this $2 trillion bipartisan relief package broken down exactly? StratGrow is here to assist you.   


This stimulus package includes direct payments of $1,200 for every adult, and $2,400 for every married couple, plus an extra $500 per child. Note: these payments may be affected if your gross income is over a certain threshold: 

  • $75,000 for single filers 
  • $112,500 for single heads of household 
  • $150,000 for married couples filing jointly 

CARES relief checks


 If you’re a college graduate burdened by student loan debt, you may be in luck. All federal student loan payments have been suspended until September 30th, 2020. This is optional, and you can still continue to pay your loans if you so choose. However, there will be no late fees or other penalties if you don’t pay them through September. Please note that this does not include private student loan borrowers. If you have any private loans, you’ll want to check on the status of those separately.  


It’s no secret that many small businesses have been greatly affected in the wake of the coronavirus. Due to social distancing protocols, many have had to close their doors, leaving employees uncertain about their financial future.  

Fortunately, of the $2 trillion stimulus bill, $350 billion has been allocated for small businesses. This provision has been dubbed the Paycheck Protection Program. Until June 30th, 2020, small business owners can apply for a loan to cover 2.5 times the cost of their average monthly payroll. This money can also be used toward debt obligations and other expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, etc. If the business keeps all of its employees, the loan will be forgiven. If they still have to lay off employees, then the loan forgiveness will decrease by the percentage reduction in overall staff.  

 Any business with under 500 employees can apply, as well as sole proprietors and self-employed individuals. The loan amount that businesses are able to receive is maxed out at $10 million, and the interest rates are capped at 4% as well. 

This measure is a comprehensive step towards keeping our country’s diverse small business environment afloat during this chaotic time period. 

CARES Act 2020


 The international coronavirus outbreak has also wreaked havoc in the American marketplace over the past few months, causing many people’s retirement savings and other investments to suddenly dwindle overnight.  

So, if you’re looking to cash out your 401k, you may also be in luck. The CARES Act has also waived the infamous 10% penalty fee associated with cashing out your 401k too early (before the age of 59 and a half). This penalty fee waiver applies if you’ve experienced financial hardship due to being either diagnosed with COVID-19 or been out of work because of it. 

Note that these distributions of funds will also be reflected in your gross income, and subject to regular income tax. These funds can also be re-distributed into your account within three years.  

While this sudden 401k withdrawal may be a financial lifeboat for some, it should be seen as a last resort to avoid crippling your hard-earned retirement savings. 

If you are subject to RMDs, you are not being forced to take them out this year. 


As of April 2020, a record 6.6 million Americans have applied for unemployment during this crisis. This relief bill expands unemployment benefits by adding up to $600 per week on top of state benefits. The specific rules and other guidelines vary from state to state. This will help keep workers afloat during this period of uncertainty. By spending this money on essentials, they’ll be directly contributing back to our economy, as well.  

2020 CARES Act Infographic


In most cases, no action is required in order to receive your check. If you’d like, there is a direct deposit option instead of just receiving it in the mail. They will be sent out over the next three weeks.  

However, if you have not filed your 2019 taxes, then you should do so immediately, as that may affect the amount you receive. As stated before, if your income eclipses a certain financial threshold, you may not be eligible for this economic relief check.  


 There are already several coronavirus therapies in development as we speak. There’s a broad focus on the separate areas of diagnostics, treatment, and vaccines. Researchers, scientists, and other experts are breaking new ground every single day. 

With an inherent emphasis on online business today, we are here to take your internet presence to the next level. Contact Strategic Growth Advisors today. We specialize in social media management, website design, SEO, content, branding, and much more.  

Zoom for Business: The Essential Guide

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have been forced to close, and those still going have become obligated to work remotely. These changes are where alternate communication methods come into play. Apps like Skype are great for one-on-one informal conversations, but what about business meetings? Zoom has entered the chat.

What is Zoom? Zoom Video Communications, founded in 2011, is a remote conferencing services company. It allows you to conduct business meetings with any individual(s) around the world, as long as they have a strong wifi connection, of course. There are options for audio-only and traditional video chatting.

Business team in video conference

Strategic Growth Advisors is here to share a definitive guide to using Zoom for business. So how do you get started using Zoom? Let’s dive right in:

Account Setup

STEP 1: 

Visit and select “Sign up for Free”

zoom account

STEP 2: 

Enter your work email address (example:, and click “Sign up.”

A confirmation link will be sent to your email address.

STEP 3: 

Click the “Activate Account” button in the Zoom email.

activate zoom account  STEP 4: 

Continue signing up for your Zoom account by filling out the form and selecting “Continue.”


It is not necessary to invite colleagues to sign up for their account. We use one Zoom account at StratGrow, and team members can set up meetings from the central account. However, if you’d like your team members to have their own accounts (they can also sign up for free), go ahead and add their emails here.

invite workers


Select “Go to My Account” to complete your account setup.

zoom account  STEP 7:

Upgrade your account to the “Pro” plan.

  zoom account

Select “Upgrade Account” on the next screen.

We recommend signing up for the “Pro” plan, but you can compare the plans and their features and choose what is best for you.

zoom plans  You can choose to be billed monthly or annually and add any plan add-ons. If you plan to record your webinars for future playback, you will either have to upgrade the cloud storage or save the recordings locally to the computer used for the webinar. zoom plans

Continue through to the payment and billing details and select “Upgrade Now.”

Manage Users

STEP 1: 

Sign in to your Zoom account online. By default, you are taken to the Meetings page.

Navigate to the User page under the “User Management” section of the left menu.

zoom users 


To add a new user(s), select “+ Add Users” in the top right.

zoom account

Add the email address(es) of the user(s) you would like to add to your account. Basic users are users with free Zoom accounts; Licensed users are users with paid Zoom accounts.

zoom account


Newly added users will be sent an email to accept the request. Until they have accepted the request, these users can be found in the “Pending” tab.



Once the new user has accepted the request, you can edit roles. By default, new users will be “Members.”

There are 3 roles in the accounts:

  • Owner: Has all privileges, including Role Management. (Cannot be assigned to any other users.)
  • Admin: Can add, remove or edit users. Can manage advanced features like API, SSO, and Meeting Connector.
  • Members: Has no administrative privileges.

To edit a user’s role, click the “Edit” button next to their information on the Users page. zoom account


If you need to remove a user from your account, you can delete, deactivate or unlink them.

  • Deactivating a user will prevent them from signing in to their Zoom account or utilizing any features.
  • Unlinking a user will give them their own basic, free Zoom account. It will not be associated with your account, and they will be able to purchase their own licenses. Before disassociation, you can transfer the user’s data (meetings, webinars, and cloud recordings) to another user.
  • Deleting a user will permanently remove the user from Zoom, including their settings, meetings, webinars, and recordings. Before deletion, you can transfer the user’s data (meetings, webinars, and cloud recordings) to another user.

Select the three dots next to their information on the Users page.   zoom accountSchedule & Start a Meeting

STEP 1: 

Sign in to your Zoom account online. By default, you are taken to the Meetings page.

zoom login page

STEP 2: 

Select “Schedule, a New Meeting” to create a new meeting.


Fill out the applicable fields for the new meeting and click “Save.” For a detailed explanation of the meeting options available, please read this Zoom help article.

  zoom meeting setup


Once you have created your Meeting, copy and paste the invitation to distribute to the attendees. (Example: add the invitation to a calendar invite or send via email.)


When you are ready to start your meeting, you can navigate to the meeting in your Zoom account and start the meeting from:

The Meetings page:

The Meeting details page:

You can also start your meeting by using the Join URL ( provided in the meeting invitation.

This will prompt you to either download the Zoom software (if this is your first meeting) or to open the Zoom software (if already downloaded).



Once the Zoom software launches, you will automatically start and join the meeting as the host. You can join with computer audio (recommended) or call in using the information provided in the meeting invitation.


Looking Forward

StratGrow or Strategic Growth Advisors LLC is a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. We specialize in Social Media Management, Content, SEO, branding, and much more. Feel free to contact us today.

Young businesswoman discussing project details with clients via video call.

The Paycheck Protection Program: What You Need To Know

In recent weeks there has been a steady media buzz surrounding the news of the $1,200 stimulus checks going to every American in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, what’s not really being mentioned are the BILLIONS of dollars being set aside for small businesses right now. Strategic Growth Advisors, LLC is here to help keep you educated and informed.

Coronavirus financial stimulus bill individual checks and cash from U.S. government

What is it?

Written into the $2 trillion stimulus bill is the Paycheck Protection Program, or a $350 Billion forgivable loan program for small businesses.

Title 1 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act. This provides a safety net for both employers and employees who have been negatively affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Application Process & Eligibility

Any business with under 500 employees can apply. Sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals are all eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program. This one-time business loan can be applied for any time between now and June 30th, 2020.

Other Loan Details

Businesses can borrow up to 2.5 times their average monthly payroll costs, up to a maximum of $10 million. This amount is designed to cover eight weeks of payroll expenses, plus a little extra. This money is eligible to put towards debt obligations, i.e., mortgage, rent, leases, utilities, etc.

If you keep all of your employees through the end of June, then the entire loan will be forgiven. If your business still has to lay off employees, the loan forgiveness will be reduced by the percentage decrease of your employees.

Gold money coins with jar

Next Steps

The Paycheck Protection Program is a lifeline for many struggling businesses that have had to close their doors recently in the wake of the mandatory social distancing guidelines. These protocols enacted by local and federal governments to help curb the spread of the coronavirus are essential to maintaining public health but have also negatively affected the economy in the process.

Depending on the events of the next few months, this economic relief plan for small businesses may be extended or expanded depending on how this first round goes. Until then, there will inevitably be a greater emphasis on online business. Contact StratGrow today for any of your digital marketing needs. We specialize in SEO, branding, website design, content, social media management, and much more.

The Dynamic Duo of Content & SEO

Content writing and SEO are the peanut butter and jelly of the digital marketing world. When combined correctly, they create a powerhouse that drives your online marketing efforts. Creating a successful digital marketing strategy takes expertise and an understanding of how content marketing and search engine optimization work in tandem. Read on to learn how.

content marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Experts don’t always agree on what digital content is and is not. Is it useful? Sometimes. Is it of high quality? Often, but not always. In simplest terms, content informs, entertains, teaches, or enlightens. It’s intended to evoke an emotional response that drives the reader to take some action: make a purchase, click a button, download something, send an email, or fill out a form.

The varieties of digital content are vast. Everything from blogs to social media posts, videos, e-books, infographics, and PDFs are all considered types of content. Not only do would-be customers and clients like this content, but Google does, too. And that’s where SEO comes into play.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When someone enters a search term into a search engine, the results are anything but random. Google, and all the other search engines, use algorithms to rank the web pages that are returned in a search. The ranking is based on the algorithm’s perception of the page’s quality. In short, Google is looking for content that’s:

  • Useful
  • More valuable than other sites
  • Credible
  • High-quality

If all these elements are in place within your published content, there’s a better chance that the search engine will return a page higher in the results. And that means more people will find your business.

digital marketing and data

Is Digital Marketing That Really Simple?

No, it’s not. Along with optimizing content, SEO requires a good bit of research and planning.

First, you must identify keywords to use in your content. Incorporating the right terms into your content helps search engines find your page. But you can’t just stuff your content with terms. Google won’t consider your page credible. To further build credibility for the algorithms, you must also include backlinks to credible websites.

Next, there are title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs to consider. These are the more technical aspects of content marketing, but they are no less important. Search engines use these elements to learn what a page is about and tell readers what they’ll find on the page. Getting the wording right is tantamount. Your page may rank in the first three Google results, but the ranking is meaningless if the meta description doesn’t entice a reader to click.

Want to Grow Your SEO?

It would be great if digital marketing were a do-it-yourself task, but it’s not. It would help if you had a knowledgeable team to help you craft and publish your content. By relying on a digital marketing agency to guide your efforts, you’ll be better positioned for success in the digital space. Stratgrow, our experienced digital marketing company, stands ready to help your business grow. Get in touch today to discuss digital marketing services.

Five Effective Customer Acquisition Strategies

People are and always will be at the heart of doing business. Regardless of industry, companies of all shapes and sizes have to consistently acquire new customers to stay healthy, relevant, and profitable.

Businesses have long prioritized the need to make customer acquisition more cost-effective and increase the return on investment (ROI) for their marketing efforts. In light of rising marketing costs and growing distrust among consumers, however, companies must now work harder and smarter to acquire new customers. This can be accomplished by staying on top of emerging trends and technology, leveraging loyal clients, and developing a sustainable process for gaining new ones.

shaking hands at a business meeting

What Are Effective Customer Acquisition Tactics?

For companies looking to improve their client conversion rate—both to keep their investors happy and cover regular operational costs—here are five customer acquisition strategies to consider:

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of creating and disseminating relevant, informative, and high-value content, which could include blog posts, e-books, guides, and videos. Content marketing is suitable for all types of businesses. In addition to being a vehicle for self-promotion, quality content is also a gesture of goodwill through which companies express their passion for what they do and share their expertise for free. Businesses can create marketing content in-house or partner with an agency that provides copywriting services to make these content upgrades.

2. Social Media

Digital marketing is more important than ever. When people hear about an unfamiliar business, one of the first things they do is search for the company’s website or social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, or Twitter. It’s critical for companies to have a robust online presence and invest in both paid and organic social media marketing. Companies also can use these free accounts to leverage their other marketing efforts, such as promotions and content they created.

3. Search Marketing

Search marketing also has organic and paid features, both of which can be used by companies across industries. Organic search marketing is known as search engine optimization (SEO), where companies prioritize creating digital content that shows up near the top of search engine results pages (SERP). Companies can help their content rank higher by incorporating indexable content, putting main keywords in post titles, adding alt text to images, linking internally to other credible sites, and employing other SEO tactics.

4. Email Marketing

As new digital marketing tools emerge, some people may view email as an outdated acquisition channel. However, email remains a relevant and highly effective way to stay in front of prospective customers and connect with them individually. Businesses can build an email list and use it to promote content, discounts, events, and product information. Another benefit of email marketing is that it gives companies a way to monitor consumer behavior based on which links they click or if they unsubscribe. Some companies are also using text messaging as a similar way to have a direct inroad to customers.

5. Customer Retention

It’s also a good strategy for companies to keep their current clients satisfied. When businesses lose existing clients, known as customer churn, they have to spend time and money to find new ones. Retaining clients is less expensive than adding new ones, which is why all companies should focus on decreasing churn. Customer satisfaction is also important because businesses can empower existing clients to promote their products and services. Happy customers will share their stories and opinions through positive reviews, testimonials, case studies, and user-generated content, which effectively bolsters the company’s customer acquisition strategy while saving them money.

person holding figures to create customer personas

Strengthening Marketing Strategies in Tucson

An effective customer acquisition strategy should be flexible, targeted, sustainable, and diversified. To achieve these characteristics, companies should experiment with different customer acquisition tools and methods and recognize there is always room to analyze, improve, and change their strategy. It also can’t hurt to partner with a digital marketing agency, such as Strategic Growth Advisors, to streamline this process. StratGrow has a variety of tools and services to help companies in Tucson and the surrounding area strengthen their customer acquisition strategy, improve the ROI of their marketing dollars, and grow their business.

Use Digital Marketing to Power Your Unstoppable Business

If your small to mid-sized business is not doing digital marketing, you may be missing out on perhaps the most effective way to grow a company today. Digital marketing is critical, and we suggest that businesses employ at least a few digital marketing efforts in order to remain competitive and become an unstoppable force. You don’t need to be a marketing or computer guru to get your Tucson or Phoenix business involved in digital marketing. It will help, however, if you have a basic understanding of the tactics and strategies available to you to ignite your business growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The higher your business shows up on search engine results pages when consumers are looking for your type of business, the easier it is for them to find you, and become a customer. The key to these high organic listings is search engine optimization or SEO. This involves using proven and effective strategies to make sure your website is structured correctly and contains the keywords and phrases necessary to achieve these higher listings. SEO is more important than ever with the use of verbal searches and mobile localized searches. Even phrases as simple as “Tucson business” can help you achieve higher rankings for your target area.

Social MediaA group of people using their cellphones to be on social media

Social media can be used for more than fun puppy pictures and videos. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and others are excellent business marketing tools. They can help you reach out to potential consumers digitally, creating awareness of your business and your latest promotions. A social media presence also creates a relationship with potential customers and makes you more accessible when people have questions or a need for your product or services.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We’ve all seen those online ads that seem to anticipate our needs. This is an example of a digital marketing campaign. Getting your ads seen by more people most likely to do business with you is the goal. A well-planned and executed digital campaign can accomplish this task for you.

Landing Pages

Rather than sending prospects to the home page of your website where they may lose their way, a landing page makes connecting with consumers more straightforward and direct. Whereas your website serves as a brochure for your business, a landing page usually has a single mission in mind, which is to get visitors to take the next step. That step may be to make a purchase or to sign up to become part of your digital marketing list. A landing page can be a handy tool for any digital marketing campaign.


Downloads are a terrific way to build up your digital marketing email list. Offer something of value. Your landing page will entice consumers to download what you are offering, provide their email address, and become connected with you. The download could be a free e-book, a list of tips and tricks related to your business, or even a newsletter.

Content MarketingLaptop on a desk with 3D figures coming out such as a rocket ship, clouds and the word "Content."

One of the most effective ways to market to Tucson and Phoenix consumers is by providing timely, valuable, and actionable content. Content marketing achieves several goals like helping with SEO, getting your business in front of consumers, and positioning you as an expert in your business segment. When you provide knowledgeable content, you start building relationships with prospective customers, which leads more customers to make a purchase.

Get Started Today With Your Digital Marketing

The challenge for many small to medium Tucson and Phoenix area businesses is finding the time and assistance to implement and manage the above strategies. This is where Strategic Growth Advisors can help. We specialize in assisting companies in our region position themselves for remarkable growth through digital marketing. We invite you to tap into this vibrant digital market and become an unstoppable business! Contact us today to find out how we can help!

How Engaging on Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow

Your customers are on social media, are you? If you aren’t creating and growing your social media engagement, you’re missing the chance at a lucrative connection. The social media space offers a rare opportunity to have genuine discussions without needing to clear the “hurdle” of marketing resistance. Simply put, your customers aren’t in a suspicious, closed-off mindset: they’re on social media to chat, research, and engage, which makes it the perfect place for digital marketing.

They’ve Got Questions, You’ve Got Answers"Questions and answers" in text

Keeping an active social media profile provides information on your business or products, both directly and indirectly. For customers curious about service providers like you in the Tucson area, it offers a great place to show off positive reviews and answer questions. Everything from hours of operation to service menus can be placed on your social media, as well as interactive questions and answers for all to see. Sure, a website handles this information too, but customers are already on social media – that’s the key difference. When you use a website as your only point of lead generation, you face the challenge of enticing customers to type in your URL and spend time on your site for its own sake.

Showcase Your “Current Self”

Have you moved or expanded your business? Your website may not immediately reflect important changes with your business, but your social media profiles can. With customers “following” and “liking” your page, they’ll get notifications when you make changes, ensuring faster and more reliable connections and conversions. Social media engagement can also help clear up time-sensitive questions, such as “Are you open?” during natural disasters or local street closures.

Go Beyond the Ad

"You are your own brand" t-shirt

Social media profiles are a great place to show off the layers of your brand. Sure, you do plumbing or landscaping, but you may also offer gardening advice or volunteer on weekends. Social media engagement offers a rare chance to showcase the humanity that differentiates your market offering. You’ll be able to have organic conversations with customers in natural language and nurture those relationships without hard-sell marketing. While this approach does take time and attention, the return on investment goes beyond converting specific customers: it also builds great brand reputation. If you need to nudge your audience a little, it’s also easy to run social media-specific contests and giveaways for your dedicated followers.

As long as it’s not an integral part of your brand, simply avoid discussing politics and religion and your social media presence can only help your overall marketing approach. Today’s savvy consumers like businesses they can research and reach instantly, and that means making yourself as available as possible on social media platforms. Dedicate a specific time period each day or week, or look to a professional service to help you manage your social media engagement, profiles, and posting.  The only thing you have to lose are those dozens (or hundreds) of followers that are all ready and willing to buy!