Digital Marketing: The Key to Improving Business in Slow Seasons

Unless you run an ice cream shop or repair air conditioners, chances are summer is a slower-than-usual season for your Tucson business. Not only is it tougher to make conversions or “close the deal” on sales, but it can also be difficult to connect with new prospects too. That’s why we think that the slow season is the ideal time to focus on digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Makes a Difference in the Slow Season

In Tucson, summer is the slow season for many reasons. First, it’s hot. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, people are simply not getting out and going quite as much. Additionally, the winter months are traditionally busier for retail establishments because of gift-giving holidays. Finally, many people travel during the summer or spend their time with family. They are not focusing on closing the deal except on the items that are “needs.” Digital marketing can help you reach customers where they ARE. You connect with consumers who are socializing on their mobile devices, checking email, or browsing for solutions to their problems. No matter how hot it is, or even if they are traveling, consumers today still rely on their digital connections.

So, how can you accomplish more with off-season digital marketing? Consider these tips as a good place to start.

Hands of businesswoman typing on her laptop outside

Make Your Social Marketing “Social

In your busier seasons, social media marketing may be all business. However, in the off-season, you should have a great opportunity to be “social.” Give some insight into how your company runs, share pictures from the charity event you attended, or just post a few industry-appropriate memes. Now is the time to get people sharing your content.

Don’t Slow Your PPC Campaigns

It can be tempting to slow down on your pay per click (PPC) spend. However, the off-season is actually a great time to take advantage. Chances are your competition may be holding back a bit, so your PPC dollar will go farther and help you reach even more potential customers. With a targeted summer campaign, you can rise on the search engine result pages and be sure people can find your business.

Connect with Old Leads

If you know you might have trouble finding new customers in the slow season, you might want to think about connecting with old leads. You can utilize email marketing, for instance, to reconnect with former customers or leads. In the off-season, you may have to do a bit more work to remind people your firm is still around. If you’re planning a sale or new product launch, make sure you spread the word far and wide.

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As you can see, when done correctly, a digital marketing plan helps you maintain and even grow your business even during the slow season. If you want more information on how to get started with or improve your digital marketing efforts, contact us here at Strategic Growth Advisors. We look forward to helping you grow your online marketing presence!