Why Your Brand Matters When it Comes to Marketing

A good business brand tells consumers who you are and what you stand for as well as what you sell. Companies like McDonald’s, Kleenex, and Nike are synonymous with their products. If you think of social media, Facebook and Instagram probably come to mind. These companies have built their brand to not only exemplify their products but also their corporate philosophy. Take Nike, for example, their brand includes much more than just well-made sports gear and apparel. Nike is now recognized worldwide for its “just do it” mantra and its encouragement for customers and athletes to be all they can be. So what does a brand mean for your company?

What is a Brand?

Your brand is your corporate personality. Done well, it crosses all marketing channels, from print advertising to product packaging to digital marketing. It includes your logo, your packaging colors, the font on your name, and your slogan. Branding has been around since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs, but it has never been more relevant than it is today.

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Why Branding is Important?

Branding sets your company apart from other companies selling the same or similar products. It also lets consumers and potential customers know what your company stands for. For instance, do you appeal to a young and active clientele or is your corporate persona more elegant and formal? Branding can help you define your marketing niche and, when done well, it becomes a reflection of your products, like Nike and Kleenex.

Tips for Creating that Dynamic and Memorable Brand

So, how do you create this memorable brand? Below are a few things to consider:

1. Keep it simple.

The best brands are almost always those that are easy to read and comprehend. Whether your customers are scrolling through web pages or driving by billboards on the highway, you want them to understand you with a quick glance. Keeping your brand message short and sweet increases the odds that consumers will identify your company with that branding the next time they see it.

2. Avoid being trendy.

You want your brand to be memorable for decades, not just for today’s trendy moment. To do that, avoid getting caught up in the latest graphics or colors and, instead, make sure that your branding is truly representative of your corporate philosophy.

3. Be consistent.

Another key aspect of good branding is consistency. A good brand is consistent across all your marketing channels, including print, email marketing, social network, communications, and point of purchase.

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Creating a dynamic and memorable brand doesn’t have to be an impossible task, especially when you work with StratGrow! For the best–and most memorable–results, we can help you make sure that your branding accurately represents your company philosophy. To learn more about branding or our other digital marketing services, give us a call at 800-721-4953.