Looking for original marketing ideas to boost leads? While most of your efforts should remain digital, old-school marketing tactics still have a lot of merit for small businesses. 

As much time as we spend in the digital world, it’s easy to forget that there’s an offline world, too. Not every marketing tactic needs to be online. Instead of focusing all your energy on increasing conversion rates, building social media campaigns, or attempting to create the latest viral video, consider original marketing ideas and techniques that have worked for decades. If you’re wondering how to increase leads, these original marketing ideas can help. 

Branded Promotional Items 

If you’ve ever attended a trade show or convention, you probably came away with a bag full of pens, jump drives, water bottles, and other trinkets bearing the name of companies that want your business. While rather ubiquitous these days, branded giveaways are a cost-effective way to see a significant marketing return. Your business’s name gets in front of potentially thousands of people and serves as a top-of-mind reminder of your product or service. And if you’re lucky, your branded promo item will become coveted by potential customers in the vertical you serve. 

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Direct Mail 

When you send an email campaign, you can’t be sure your intended target sees the message. Emails can get lost in spam filters or stuffed into promotional folders, never to reach your lead’s eyes. That’s what makes direct mail messages a good alternative. When someone retrieves a well-designed postcard in their mailbox, rest assured they will glance at it. If your lead magnet (or offer) piques their interest, they’ll visit your website and offer up their email address or phone number. 

Pro Tip: Including a coupon or discount on a direct mail piece will prompt leads to visit your website or storefront. 

Loyalty Cards 

People tend to complete something once they’ve started it, especially if there’s a reward at the end. That’s what makes loyalty cards so enticing for small businesses. You may think of loyalty cards in the context of ice cream parlors or sandwich shops that give you a free treat or discount once the card is filled. But loyalty cards can be used at any number of small businesses. Nail salons, cleaning services, auto mechanics, and others can use this low-cost strategy to keep customers coming back. 

Radio Spots 

As more and more people watch streaming content or use a DVR to zip through commercials, TV ads just aren’t as effective. They’re expensive, too. Production costs and the actual ad buy can easily account for a small business’s annual advertising budget. That’s what’s makes radio an attractive option. People still listen to the radio in their cars, and radio spots are generally fairly cheap to produce. A creative jingle will help you gain brand identity and set your small business apart from the competition. 


original marketing ideas


Word of Mouth 

Have you ever heard of “teleconferenced peer influence groups?” The phrase was coined by a psychologist in the 1970s who used physician focus groups to discuss pharmaceutical products. Essentially, the psychologist observed how one or two physicians could sway skeptics by discussing the positive outcomes they had experienced after prescribing a medication to their patients. So “teleconferenced peer-influenced groups” is just a fancy way to say word-of-mouth advertising that influences others’ opinions of a product. Today, the phenomenon holds true. More than 90 percent of people say they trust friends’ recommendations and nearly three-fourths of people say word-of-mouth is a critical part of their purchasing decisions. 

You can influence your customers’ willingness to talking positively about your business by doing two things: providing good service and offering referral incentives. Giving existing customers rewards for sending new clients to your business is a great way to increase leads. 

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