Looking for ways to improve your company’s LinkedIn page can be challenging. The algorithms cater to personal posts. Businesses often have a difficult time finding a good balance that’s personable and valuable for the follower. And that’s what your LinkedIn company page strategy should help you define. 

LinkedIn started as a professional networking platform, but it’s expanded. Today, it’s one of the best places to spend your time if you’re marketing B2B services. Companies often have a difficult time defining their social media strategies. You’ll see a lot of companies only sharing posts that pertain to their business. They don’t monitor or post often enough to fully utilize the channel. 

Here, we’d like to give you five ways to improve your company’s LinkedIn page to get better ROI from your time and improve your reach. 

Defining Your LinkedIn Company Page Strategy 

When setting up your LinkedIn company page, your content is a good place to start. The more detailed, the better. It’s also good practice to use hashtags and SEO keywords that make your profile easier to find. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, you need to devise your strategy. 

A LinkedIn strategy depends on the goals that you have for your business through LinkedIn. Are you looking to connect personally with new clients? Source talent? Improve name recognition? 

For most companies, LinkedIn can provide value for all of these goals. But targeting your primary goals will help you understand where to invest your time. If your goal is to increase brand awareness and conversion among prospective customers, you need to develop your content to serve that target audience. 

If you were looking to use LinkedIn to source the best talent, your messaging would be completely different. 

Once you know your goals and target audience, you’ll want to develop your posting schedule. The more often you post, the more quickly you increase views and connections. You can use your LinkedIn analytics to see how well your posts are received and which posts generate the most engagement. 

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Company LinkedIn Page 

The techniques you use to improve your LinkedIn company page will be dependent on your goals. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind that will help you improve your content and brand experience on the platform. 

1. Enlist Employee Ambassadors 

LinkedIn shares personal posts, and people respond better to individuals on social media than they do to company profiles. Your employees can offer a great megaphone for your messaging. There are a few ways that your employees can help boost your company’s LinkedIn page. 

They can reshare your posts to their own networks. They can also connect to your business page so that your social media manager can notify them whenever a new post goes live. Employees can also invite their connections to connect with your business page. 

Employees can be your best asset on platforms like this. They can help amplify your message, and they give a personal face to your company. 

Staff meeting

2. Use LinkedIn Features to Track the Competition 

LinkedIn makes it easy to see what your competition is doing on the platform. You can use analytics to track how your page is doing, how people find you, etc. But you can also use the analytics to track your competitors on LinkedIn. You can see how many followers they have and how many new followers they have. You can also see how often they’re posting and the type of content they post that gets engagement. 

What you’re looking for with your competitor’s performance is where there are holes in their strategy. If they’re not using certain features, those might be good places to concentrate your efforts. For instance, if they never publish leadership pieces, that might be an excellent strategy for your business to launch. 

3. Work with Influencers 

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn has influencers. For your business, this can be a great partnership. LinkedIn does have an influencer program, but you don’t necessarily need to go that route. You can reach out to someone in your industry you’re looking to connect with and establish a successful relationship together. 

The goal is to get your brand and messaging in front of a whole new audience. With this in mind, you want to target influencers who your target audience also follows. 

4. Publish Thought Leadership Pieces 

This is one of the best ways to give value to your audience. Thought leadership pieces are valuable because they’re not a rehashing of information they can find in any Google search. A thought leadership piece combines your own in the trenches experience with innovative solutions to problems that your audience struggles with. 

These don’t have to be published often, but a few value-packed pieces will help further establish your company page. 

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5. Develop a Strict Posting Schedule 

If you want to see growth on your LinkedIn page, you need to post regularly. Several times a day is preferable. You also want to pay attention to the times of the day that you post. There are specific times that get better engagement. For most B2B businesses, you’re going to see higher engagement in the mornings on weekdays. However, you should check your analytics. You may notice a different pattern if you play with the timing of your posting schedule. 

Best Practices for Your LinkedIn Company Page

There are some best practices that will help on LinkedIn, no matter what your goals are. Using visual content is a good practice. This can include images and videos. You can also use LinkedIn Live and play with those features because there tends to be a great deal of engagement in video, especially live video. 

Stick with your posting schedule. If you post three times a day, make sure that you are committed to that schedule. If your audience never knows when to expect new content, they stop looking for you. So the more regular, the better. 

One final best practice is to make sure that you engage with your audience. Make sure you respond to every comment or response promptly. Don’t just post content. It is still a social media site, even if a more professional one. If you go out of your way to engage with people and respond to them, credibility and positive results will follow. 

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