View your business website as a static, unchanging entity, and your business itself may become just as static and unchanging. You may be stuck in a rut with low levels of traffic or, worse yet, even lower levels of revenue. The savvy digital marketing team here at Strategic Growth Advisors has come to the rescue in such situations time and again.

The key to a successful online presence is to update your website content regularly. This keeps your business fresh and appealing to visitors and search engines alike. While there are no set-in-stone rules for website updates, we’re sharing recommendations we’ve seen lead to success:

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Website Content: Blogs, White Papers, Downloads

The online crowd is hungry for information, and you can consistently feed them by updating certain website content as frequently as possible. Optimized blog posts can play an integral role in driving targeted traffic to your site. It’s important to post new blog content weekly if possible, monthly at the very least.

White papers, e-books, and other downloadable content can be updated on a regular basis as well. This allows you to add new information to existing downloads or to create new downloads for additional topics or digital marketing campaigns.

Website Content: Pages, Tags, Keywords 

Updating existing website pages, tags and keywords can be done on an ongoing basis for best results. Set aside time daily to review your existing pages to see if you can make any improvements. Chances are, you can. Improvements can include things like updating:

  • Existing information that’s out of date
  • Language that feels stale
  • Title tags and headings to ensure they’re relevant and include keywords
  • Alt text to ensure every image contains descriptive text that points back to your business
  • Meta tags for both keywords and descriptions
  • Keywords to make sure they match the content or to rank for new ones
  • Keyword placement and proximity, both of which can affect results from search engines
  • Anchor text for inbound links to make sure it matches the content

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Setting aside time each day to tackle a page or two can work. You can also opt to do a thorough review of all existing pages every three to six months.

Website Content: Services and Products

You don’t want to wait three to six months to make sure your services and products are up to date with everything you offer. You can miss out on customers if you don’t provide timely info on the latest products, services, and specials you’re offering. And nothing can annoy a potential customer quicker than trying to order a product or service that you no longer offer.

Keeping your website content regularly updated is one part of the equation. The second part is reviewing your website stats to ensure the updates you’re making are making a difference. For additional help keeping your website and business thriving, contact Strategic Growth Advisors today.

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