As the clergy of a church, there’s always so much to do and several places to be. You never stop serving your community and going above and beyond. Still, in the background, there is always that nagging question that plays on a loop inside your head: How can I do more? One answer might be easier than you’d think – through church marketing. 

We all have limitations in how much we can do on any given day. This is why it’s essential to delegate and find organic ways to reach others without overextending yourself. Digital marketing efforts like maintaining a website, using social media, and starting an email newsletter can all contribute to your efforts and help further your church’s message.  

How Your Church Can Benefit from Digital Marketing 

It may sound odd to think about actively marketing your church, but church marketing has multiple benefits to you and your congregation. You can use your website to share schedules for Sunday morning worship and other services throughout the week. You can engage on social media to announce important upcoming events.  

At the same time, you can keep parishioners abreast of what’s happening with a current fundraiser or clothing drive by sending a regular email update. Or, you can alert them when it’s time to begin packing the Christmas shoeboxes for your overseas mission. In a nutshell, digital platforms and engaging content have tremendous abilities to keep your communication clear and consistent. 

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Improve and Strengthen Your Relationship with Members 

In addition to having a dedicated website, your church should also host an online social media presence, as parishioners are most likely to see updates shared there. This is a more visual source of church marketing. It creates a space to post photos from the church anniversary potluck or videos of the church float in the local parade. They can revel in seeing and sharing images of their families and friends enjoying wholesome fun.  

Your social media page is also a good place for members to ask questions and get answers to important questions, such as whether service has been canceled due to inclement weather. Members can also keep the community conversations going and share about events. This saves time for everyone. 

Keep Parishioners in the Loop 

Your congregation wants to participate in church activities, but they must know when and how. Most churches maintain a bulletin or newsletter, but some congregants might enjoy a digital option that can’t get misplaced or thrown away accidentally. By sending out a digital newsletter, you can keep everyone abreast of birthdays and anniversaries. You can let them know whether the Easter sunrise service will be held indoors or out and when the next youth group meeting is scheduled. 

Grow Your Congregation 

Without a doubt, adding a simple, easy-to-navigate website is one of the best and easiest ways to grow your congregation. It’s a form of passive church marketing capable of reaching out even when you’re not. Visitors to your website should be able to view images of your church. They should be able to read about recent church-sponsored activities and events. Most importantly, they should be able to find the worship schedule easily. Add directions with a map and a phone number to call for more information, and your online presence will simply do the rest. 

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Improve Your Outreach and Communication 

Staying in touch with church members is the best way to keep them coming back every Sunday. Through a digital presence, you can fellowship with more members of your congregation in less time. Online messaging, video chat, conference chat, and more can all be done right from your desk. And when unforeseen events bring in-person services to a halt, you can still stream your sermons to the masses and keep conversations going through social media. 

Target Subscribers with Your Weekly Message 

As you collect email addresses and build your email list, you’re able to reach more and more people with your weekly messages. Maybe you’d like to send a daily scripture to give members strength throughout the day. Perhaps you’d like to post mini-sermons on your social media pages for the public to enjoy. 

The point is, digital marketing is an entirely appropriate and compelling method of promoting the Word to your members and the public. The desire is always to bring more lambs into the fold. With a healthy social media presence, a responsive website, and a comprehensive list of email addresses, your voice can carry ten times as far as it does inside the confines of your brick-and-mortar church. Boom! 

Strategic Growth Advisors Can Launch Your Church Marketing Campaign 

Strategic Growth Advisors can help you launch your church marketing campaign. We can set you up with a responsive website, help you build your email list, and make your presence known on social media. Contact us today to talk with one of our trusted advisors.

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