As every year rolls by, it’s pretty common to wonder what’s changing in the trends for content marketing. By looking at the statistics for marketers in 2021, you can stay on top of these changes and adapt your content marketing strategy to these changes. This is one of the easiest ways to mitigate risk in your content marketing strategy. Here’s a look at some of the top content marketing statistics for marketers in 2021. 

Basic Visual Content Statistics 

  • It’s believed that 70% of companies are now investing in content marketing, including visual marketing options. 
  • Video is now the primary form of media used for content marketing. 
  • Product promotions entail 25% of all marketer approaches to content marketing, while 20% use it for branded storytelling. 

Content Marketing Type 

  • Most of the time spent by marketers is in creating Facebook and website content. 
  • Visual and design content are among the most significant challenges faced by 23.7% of marketers. 
  • Visual marketing is ranked as very important by 49% of marketers and essential by 22% of marketers. 
  • Visual content is primarily used on websites and blogs by 49% of marketers, followed by social media. 
  • Information in images is retained by 65% of people as compared to 10% of what they hear three days later. 
  • It’s predicted by 40% of marketers that 51-80% of businesses will rely on visual content in 2021. 

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Marketing Statistics for Video 

  • Since 2012, mobile video usage has increased 17 fold. 
  • According to Cisco, global internet traffic from video is projected to make up 82% of all internet traffic by consumers by 2022. 
  • It’s calculated that 70% of YouTube viewers look for videos to help with a specific problem in their job, hobbies, studies, or related areas of interest. 
  • YouTube is the leading source of video content globally at 83%, with Facebook falling second at 67%. 
  • Video streaming, specifically live streaming, has grown significantly, with the Twitch platform seeing annual growth of 14.3% in 2020 and 1.645 billion watch hours monthly. 
  • By comparison, in 2018, 54% of consumers wanted more video content from brands and businesses they supported. 

New Visual Marketing Trends 

  • VR product usage in 2019 reached 42.9 million Americans, with 68.7 million people using AR monthly worldwide. 
  • VR spending by businesses is anticipated to reach $9.2 billion this year, outpacing leisure use of the technology. 
  • One-quarter of VR users see strong potential for marketers and brands to use the technology. 
  • Though 64% of consumers still say VR has the most potential in gaming sectors, 52% see potential in film and TV. 
  • In 2019, 57% of marketers had used live video, a figure which has probably expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • As compared to traditional video, Facebook Live generates ten times more engagement. 
  • Of all Twitter video plays, 90% are viewed on mobile devices. 
  • Of all videos, 73% are two minutes or shorter in length. 
  • It’s estimated that 85% of adults watch content on multiple devices simultaneously. 
  • According to Lowes, how-to videos shown in VR had a 36% higher recall rate than traditional videos.

Infographic Statistics for Marketers in 2021 

  • Infographics make up the fourth most commonly used content marketing media. 
  • Among B2B marketers, infographics have seen the most significant increase in use, currently at 67%. 
  • Directions provided with both text and illustrations are understood 323% better than directions provided in text only. 

Content Marketing Social Media Statistics 

  • Among consumers, 70% watched Facebook Stories more often than on Snapchat or Instagram. 
  • Stories are used by over half a billion Instagram accounts daily. 
  • Four million businesses use Instagram Stories monthly, with 58% of people surveyed being more interested in a brand after seeing the ads. 
  • The largest Instagram user demographic in the U.S. were from ages 25-35, making up 33.1% of the social media platform’s user base as of January 2021. 
  • Instagram’s Facebook advertising revenues rose from 13.6% in 2016 to 31.8% in 2019. 
  • It’s estimated that 35% of Instagram Story users prefer to engage the shorter narrative-styled Stories more often, followed by interactive stories focused on polls and quizzes. 
  • It’s estimated that 69% of consumers keep the sound off when watching online videos, per Verizon Media. 
  • Comparatively, social media Stories are watched with the sound on sometimes by 56% of consumers, and the sound is always on only 29% of the time. 

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  • A 20% increase in teen use of Snapchat and Instagram has happened since 2015, with 72% of teens having an Instagram account and 69% of teens having a Snapchat account. 
  • Video Tweets have ten times the engagement of Tweets without video. 
  • Articles with images every 75-100 words gain twice the social media shares as articles with fewer images. 
  • Posts that have images on Facebook get 2.3 times the engagement than those without them. 
  • Out of all Facebook content, 15% is video, a percentage that is rising. 
  • The best length for Facebook engagement on video is from 2-5 minutes. 
  • There were approximately 250 million active daily Snapchat users in 2020. 
  • There are 169 million active users on Pinterest for advertisers to reach. 
  • Pinterest shopping ad revenue increased by 100% in 2019 alone. 
  • Product or services shown in use on Pinterest ads are 67% more likely to result in conversions. 
  • YouTube reaches more adults during prime time viewing hours than any individual cable TV network. 
  • Of  YouTube subscribers from 18-34, half would stop what they are doing to see a new video released by their favorite channel. 

In Conclusion 

Statistics drive smart marketing spending by showing how our society is evolving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But how does your company stay on top of these changes with everything else going on every day? Strategic Growth Advisors provide your company with solid options for growth so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more information, or to schedule a consultation with our seasoned professionals. 

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