How to Hire a Social Media Manager for a Small Business

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You know how crucial social media is for advertising your business, and how important it is for connecting with customers. But for whatever reason, even though it’s a part of your digital marketing plan, you can’t seem to keep up with it. You tweet sporadically, you post rarely, and your blog? Well, those digital cobwebs aren’t exactly a good look for lead generation.

You need help, but you aren’t sure where to start. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to getting your web-based presence back on track with the help of Strategic Growth Advisors.

How to Hire a Social Media ManagerTwo professionals shaking hands after a successful hire of a social media manager

The duties of a social media manager may vary between brands and industries, but they’re responsible for creating and implementing your social media presence. That means your company’s public-facing accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and similar platforms fall under their watchful eye. With so much of your public presence wrapped up in one entity, you’ll want to be smart about handing over the key to your online content.

  • Ask your candidate(s) to describe your business in three words. This test works best in person, as it will quickly weed out the candidates that didn’t bother looking at your website and other online content. An excellent social media manager should be able to step into the role with a strong understanding of what you do. If you already have a brand “voice,” they should be able to build on it quickly. If you need a social media voice, a great social media manager should have some great ideas to get you started.
  • Ask your candidate(s) how they would handle your most common complaint. If you frequently see the same claims on your company’s social pages or even through your website form, they’re likely to show up in the future. See how your candidate would answer a customer complaint. For example, a message that a shipment hasn’t arrived yet. A reliable candidate should know how to diffuse the situation without promising or committing to anything you wouldn’t usually say or do.
  • Ask your candidate(s) which platform(s) your business should be on. Even with a full-time person devoted to your social media campaigns and SEO, you’ll need to rely on smart resource allocation. If your company manufactures heavy industrial parts, a potential candidate that recommends the aesthetic, arts-and-crafts-based Pinterest, would be a poor fit. Hire a social media manager that understands, or is willing to learn, who your clients are and where they “live” online.

Expectations for Mutual SuccessTwo professionals going over social media metrics and talking about the mutual success of the company and their clients

A well-versed social media marketing candidate should be able to handle all aspects of your company’s online presence, from social media accounts to your blog and email marketing. Even if additional freelancers or other employees will be working on aspects of online content, their efforts should align seamlessly with your social media manager. It’s jarring for a customer to read about a fantastic sale on a Twitter account, only to find no mention of it on the official blog or website. The social media manager on your marketing team should lead the way, but also know how important collaboration and timing truly is.

Work With Strategic Growth Advisors

Whether you’re looking to increase local interest with a Phoenix marketing campaign or have your sights set on an eCommerce audience, your new social media manager will help you find the right path. The decision to hire a social media manager for your small business is an important one, an intelligent one. Be sure to contact our team at Strategic Growth Advisors to discuss how we can help you use your day to day social media to manage social media and utilize the best social media strategy for your business.

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