Your company’s brand is its business card to the world. Few things are as important as building brand personality to create awareness of your company. Implementing new business branding ideas also drives consumer perception and increases demand while allowing your business to stand out from the competition. 

Maybe you understand the benefits of big brand ideas but need help coming up with them. Strategic Growth Advisors provides the business branding ideas you need in this blog. After considering them, we invite you to work with us to turn these ideas into reality. 

Define Your Company’s Archetype 

Carl Jung, the well-known and respected psychologist, was the first to develop the concept of a business archetype. Apple and Microsoft are two examples of successful companies that used Jung’s theory to their advantage. He claimed that success in sales goes beyond just selling the product or service. Businesses must also sell a story since this is critical to building brand personality. 

Microsoft has achieved worldwide success by selling the story of its products being like the girl or boy next door. The brand is always close to people wherever they go. Essentially, Microsoft sells the story that their products integrate with everyday life. Apple sells its products based on a visionary archetype. The image people associate with it is one of a trendsetter. 

Your company’s archetype does not need to be anything like Microsoft’s or Apple’s to reach your target audience. However, it does need to be authentic. The first step in creating a compelling story is to develop it around a representative archetype. 

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Start Using Heat-mapping 

Heat-mapping is a strategy that enables you to learn in-depth data about your website visitors. Here are three examples of rich data provided by heat-mapping software: 

  • Each customer’s journey before arriving at your business website 
  • Most common areas people click on your business website 
  • How far down people scroll on each page 

Be sure to act on information obtained from heat-mapping software right away to improve your brand image. For example, condense the information on your home page if you discover that most people do not scroll all the way to the bottom. Your website should match the typical workflow of your customer demographics as closely as possible. 

Consider Redesigning Your Company Logo 

The logo your company presents to the world is a huge part of its brand identity. You cannot afford to release an unprofessional logo created by an amateur if you hope to win customers. We recommend taking a moment to consider your company’s logo against a few of the most well-known logos. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are just two common examples. People see those logos and immediately think of soft drinks or fast food. 

You also need to think about whether your business has outgrown its current logo. What worked for you in the beginning may be too simplistic now. Having a team of professionals review the existing logo and provide personal brand logo ideas is the best place to start. 

Once you get back a list of suggestions, conduct market research to see which logo customers prefer the most and why. Knowing why people gravitate towards one logo design over another helps your marketing team improve before the final release. 

Personalization is an Important Part of Building Brand Personality 

Customers care about themselves and their problems, not your company. The most successful businesses understand this and build their brand around what they can do for customers. The message should never be the other way around. 

At the same time, people expect the companies they do business with to personalize their products and services. How can you go beyond using a customer’s first time to offer a truly personalized experience? Consider these options: 

  • Email: The best way to personalize email is to track the types of information your customers consume and tailor your message accordingly. Email from your company should align with customer interests and buying habits. They are likely to delete it without reading if they can tell your company made no effort to treat them as an individual. 
  • Retargeting: Studying the pages a person visits on your website gives you insight into what is important to them. Turning that data into personalized display ads increases your chances of getting that person to come back to your website to make a purchase. 
  • Helpful content: Developing and publishing useful content without any hint of a sales pitch is a great way to develop your brand. Be sure to customize the blog posts, videos, infographics, and other content based on previous interactions on your website. 

Facebook Ads 

Be Willing to Become More Authentic on Your Social Media Channels 

Although we stated above that customers care more about their problems than your company, they still value authenticity. No one enjoys looking at posts and video content of a business trying to be something it is not. 

Social media provides a unique opportunity to show authenticity because no barrier exists between your company and its audience. Your audience may enjoy the occasional poll or behind-the-scenes look at operations. You should not expect these things to have a heavy influence on their buying decisions. 

Another advantage of creating accounts is that it allows your business to interact with customers in real-time. They can get immediate responses to their questions. People also appreciate a place to interact with brands where they do not feel someone is constantly marketing to them. These interactions help consumers develop trust when they do feel ready to make a purchase.

Need More Business Branding Ideas? Contact Strategic Growth Advisors Today 

Branding is just one of several services we offer as part of our growth marketing services. We invite you to contact our office in Tucson, Arizona, to request your initial consultation. This meeting gives us a chance to gain insights about your company while answering all your questions. 

We look forward to working with you and helping your company develop new business branding ideas soon. 

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