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Video Killed the Photography Star – Guide to Facebook Live

Social media has been an amazing resource for any business to start self-promoting. Good photography remains extremely important, nonetheless video is becoming the dominate way people are viewing information, and video now accounts for 74% of all online traffic. Most people these days have smartphones and are able to take video anywhere anytime and upload it any place. This immediacy makes doing live videos even more exciting.

Since 82% of people prefer live video to other forms of digital content, it’s time to think about using more video in your online marketing. Video is a powerful way to convey your message, whether it is about your business or your products, or to let your customers get to know you. Here are a few tips, tricks, and things to help you convey quality to your customers.

Keeping in mind that 55% of people watch videos every day is a lot of pressure to try to create something for your consumers. Facebook videos receive about 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo, and people spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video! This means you should consider doing live videos for your business. The biggest question is “How does Facebook live work???” Anything from a phone to a tablet, to your computer with a webcam can stream live. Something most people can use is their phone.

Before you post live, you should keep in mind what you are filming, and if there is enough lighting to do a proper video. If there is not enough light, definitely get more light into the room. You may consider using a selfie stick if you have to record yourself. Also try to check your connection quality, don’t be afraid to test out FB Live on your personal profile to check the stream connection, and the audio. If you are recording someone talking in a big open space it can be hard for some phones to pick up the audio. Thanks to the internet, you can get a very affordable lapel mic that connects to your phone directly.

Now that you’ve checked your lighting, audio, and connection… let’s go live!

1. Click into where you would make a regular post and then click the “Go Live” button. Don’t worry it won’t go live right away, so it’s safe to click.2. Add a description about your live video. Facebook will automatically save your videos for your viewers who missed it, unlike Instagram, which is gone the moment you are done streaming.3. Wait for the count down. That’s right Facebook gives you a countdown starting at 3, and after that you are live!


While you are live, will be able to see how many people jump on, and when people comment or give you a like. Sometimes people will ask questions on the spot. It’s a good way to get organic growth on your Facebook page. Try to keep in mind people will not jump on right away, sometimes it is good to preemptively announce when you are going to go live. Like everything else, you will get better with practice, just keep trying to make creative videos to promote your company. Remember to have fun and break a leg!

By The Gurus of Growth