Video Ideas for Your Business

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By: Leamon Crooms

Videos are the up and coming method of marketing and advertisement for small to large business. With videos increasing traffic 157%, it’s worth bringing it into your business marketing strategy. Merging videos in to your social media strategy is a great way to make you more competitive and get your business out there, letting potential clients get to know your company.

1. About You and or Staff
Getting to know a business is important. Customers are looking for trust. It will never hurt you to have an “About Us” video even for your website. You can even expand the idea into different departments or individual employees. This is something you can share on all social media platforms and will help solidify your brand. Be clear, be personable.

2. Explainer Videos
People love explainer videos, whether it’s how to’s or how something works, explainer videos are a great way to engage people into your products and or service. It is one of the highest viewed types of videos, and one of the easiest to make. If you make them into short clips, you can create a series of videos to share.

3. Fun Things Around the Company
We love to see the interaction of co-workers, you can post short videos of people singing happy birthday to a coworker, or even videos about potlucks you have at work. Videos of visits from animals in the office do very well. Keep it fun, keep it light.

4. Events
Also promote events your company takes part in. It is a sure way to get some fun videos, and to show what kind of company you are. Show what is current, have the events live in the now. Live streaming is exciting and people are 82% more likely to watch a live video then a regular post video.

5. Time-lapse/Speed Up Videos
If your business creates/builds something, it’s worth showing the work it takes to create your product. Most people will stop to watch these time-lapse videos because they are interesting, and catch the eye. Everyone loves to see the finished product, but the process is really entertaining.

When you create these videos, don’t forget to place them on all your social media platforms, even create a YouTube channel if you do not have one. If you have a website make a video page and place some videos throughout the site. Videos will go a long way in natural growth for social media so make these videos work for you.

By Leamon Crooms

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