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Leamon Crooms
5th, November, 2021

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency (And 7 Things to Look for in One)

Staying on top of your company's digital marketing can be challenging. From managing your social media presence to optimizing your... Read More

a team of people working on a marketing strategy
Leamon Crooms
29th, October, 2021

Naming SEO Images & Social Media Marketing Images: Best Practices

When it comes to your brand's social media marketing and search engine optimization, you might not think that the... Read More

a person with a desk of photos and a camera
Leamon Crooms
21st, October, 2021

If Something Went Wrong: How to Write an Apology Letter to Your Client

In an ideal world, you would never make mistakes that could have a negative impact on your relationship... Read More

A sign with text that says 'sorry'
Leamon Crooms
15th, October, 2021

How to Reach Out to New Customers in 2021

No matter what industry you're in, you have some potential clients out there who aren't even aware of... Read More

Sign with an arrow that says new customers
Leamon Crooms
29th, September, 2021

Your Guide on How to Measure Success of a Marketing Plan

Wondering how to measure success of a marketing plan? If you've recently switched from brochures, radio ads, and... Read More

gold trophy with gold star confetti
Leamon Crooms
22nd, September, 2021

How Church Marketing Grows Your Congregation and Amplifies Your Message

As the clergy of a church, there's always so much to do and several places to be. You... Read More

Church building with blue sky in the background