Are you looking to maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy? If so, then it may be time to explore ad retargeting. At Strategic Growth Advisors, social media ad retargeting is one of many marketing services we’re happy to offer. By having a better understanding of what it means to retarget Facebook ads and the many benefits of doing so, you can begin reaping the benefits for your own business.

What Does Retargeting Ads Mean?

Let’s say a prospective customer visited your website and was exposed to an advertisement. Still, that same user navigated away from your site without interacting with the ad. When you retarget an advertisement for Facebook, you can essentially use tracking cookies from that same user’s device to present the same ad to them again on their social media feed.

The goal here is to recapture your potential customer’s attention with the retargeted ad and possibly get them to click on it and navigate back to your website.

Benefits of Retargeting Ads Through Facebook

Setting up ad retargeting on a social media platform like Facebook can be a great use of your brand’s marketing dollars. In fact, there are many specific benefits of retargeting ads through Facebook.

For starters, if a user has navigated away from your website before making a purchase, a retargeted ad can be a great way to recapture their attention. This can also give you another opportunity to complete the sale—especially if you use the retargeted ad to display products that the target customer was already browsing on your site.

Facebook ad retargeting can also be an effective way to build brand loyalty. This is because ad retargeting can be used to display new products and services to your existing customer base, even if they haven’t visited your website anytime recently.

Finally, Facebook ad retargeting is easily customizable so that you can set up the metrics you desire to capture your audience’s attention.

Get Help From a Tucson Digital Marketing Team

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider using Facebook ad retargeting to convert leads and build loyalty to your brand among existing customers. The key is knowing how to make the most effective use of Facebook retargeted ads to accomplish your marketing goals.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by navigating Facebook’s advertising platform, you may want to reach out to a team of Tucson digital marketing professionals for guidance. At Strategic Growth Advisors, we have years of experience with all aspects of digital marketing in Tucson; this includes Facebook ad retargeting and general social media marketing.

Ready to find out more about our ad retargeting services or any other digital marketing services that Strategic Growth Advisors has to offer? We encourage you to reach out to our team today; we’d be happy to discuss your brand’s marketing goals and create a plan to help you achieve those goals with help from our experienced, knowledgeable, and resourceful team.

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