7 Elements to Run a Successful Facebook Testimonial Contest

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Social media marketing is valuable because it’s the perfect opportunity for word of mouth advertising. No amount of graphic design and clever taglines can mimic the effect of a potential customer hearing wonderful things about your products or services from another client with similar goals or interests. However, having a Facebook page for your business won’t automatically create testimonials (aka good, comprehensive reviews) no matter how many likers you have. Here are the steps to creating the perfect testimonial contest!

1. Come up with the perfect name and clear description for your contest. It could be a “Memories Contest”, where you ask likers to post a vivid memory of using your service. If you sell products, try a “Favorites Contest,” where likers say which of your products is your favorite and why. Be sure to explicitly ask for detailed posts.

2. Encourage posts that contain photos. Nothing is more effective than happy customer taking a selfie with your product or at your event. Testimonials paired with a non-professional photo screams authenticity! Make sure your contest description asks that contestants post a picture with their description whenever possible.

3. Have the prize relate to your business: offer a free product, a discount coupon, free admission, etc. The idea is to give them incentive to participate as well as keep your company at the forefront, ie continuing brand loyalty. These types of awards can make the winner even more devoted to your business.

4. Likes are the best metrics to tallying the winner. “Whichever post has the most likes, wins!” should be included in your contest description. This will not only make your job easy, it will also generate more engagement on your page. The more engagement your page has, the more your posts will reach new potential clients. Likes are also the easiest metric to count – just make sure you instruct them to post directly onto your page so you can find them easily when the contest ends!

5. Make a clear deadline for the contest end date and don’t forget to send out reminders. Effective contests are two weeks long and have at least one reminder in the middle of it. You want enough time for people to write thoughtful posts with great photos.

6. Don’t be afraid to provide feedback to contestants. If your contest did not generate a lot of posts, you will want to make sure the ones you have are descriptive. Don’t be afraid to message contestants if you want them to add more; just be specific and give them a couple ideas of things they could add.

7. Announce your winners publicly, in a post where you tag them. Use a fun picture related to your brand. The winners spent some time writing and finding pictures, make sure they get the appreciation they deserve!

By The Gurus of Growth

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