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Strategic Growth Advisors LLC  (StratGrow™) is a Growth Agency that works with clients seeking to aggressively grow revenues and profits. We work with clients to develop and execute custom growth strategies in the areas of digital marketing, brand development, lead generation, and exit planning. We take particular interest in venture backed (VC or Private Equity) portfolio companies that are on an aggressive growth trajectory.

Our company was founded in 2003 with a vision to disrupt the traditional marketing and advertising agency by developing and implementing effective solutions that generate real results.  We introduce the Growth Agency, a critical partner supporting you as you Grow Your Business, Expand Your Reach and Attract More Customers.

As your business partner, you will find that we are unique because we have first-hand experience successfully operating, growing, and buying and selling companies. Get in touch with StratGrow™, take our call, or accept our LinkedIn request if you want to grow your business.


Leamon A Crooms III, MBA – CEO & Founder

Over the past 25 years Leamon has assisted small and large companies with strategic advice, debt financing, company sales, (mergers and acquisitions). He has direct experience operating businesses, growing and improving companies, and both buying and selling businesses. Prior to forming Strategic Growth Advisors, LLC his career includes experience with Wells Fargo Bank as a retail and commercial banker, Ernst & Young LLP and KPMG as a management consultant, and Providence Service Corporation as the Chief Strategy Officer responsible for M&A activities.


Lisa Ordonez, Ph.D. – Chief Advisor

Dr. Ordonez is a well-respected and highly accomplished academic researcher in the field of decision making and goal setting for the past 20 years. As a tenured Full Professor at the University of Arizona, Eller School of Business, she has won numerous awards for teaching business statistics to MBA students, and for mentoring Ph.D. candidates. Her groundbreaking paper on goal setting, titled, “Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting” has been highly cited in the work of other academics. In addition, her work continues to generate interest in the national media and has been cited by the New York Times, Businessweek, Forbes, and Marketplace to name a few.

Susan D. Nenon – VP of Awesome

Susan brings to our team unbounded enthusiasm and over 12 years of senior management experience in the insurance industry, along with 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a natural relationship builder that truly cares about achieving results for clients. Her leadership experience at State Farm Insurance combined with her entrepreneurial experience and dynamic personality gives her a unique ability to connect with customers, evaluate their needs and provide value-added solutions. As our VP of Awesome she ensures that every client has an “Awesome” experience.

Shelly Weasel – Project Manager

Shelly’s love of painting and photography made it an easy choice for her to pursue a degree in Design from University of Arizona. She is well versed in all forms of media from digital to canvas to social and web, and always brings something new and creative to the table. Shelly is our photography and video expert, and she can Photoshop the heck out of anything! Always willing to help out with a smile, she is a true team player and is never afraid to jump in and take on new tasks – or even make up new tasks to take on! Shelly’s creative way of thinking pushes the entire StratGrow team to be more original, imaginative, and super productive as well!

Lexi Assisi – Media Operations

Lexi is the facilitator for all of our media efforts. She is a natural organizer and enables the StratGrow team to run campaigns seamlessly and flawlessly. Social media platforms & video production are her passions. She is our in-house expert on all things Snapchat and Instagram. As our most Millennial team member, Lexi understands that technology permeates every single thing we do. And she knows the extent that we can better expose our clients to all the different ways that technology can be used and how each platform will best fit with their individual business needs. Lexi is our Millennial Media Mastermind!

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