Your business must have a social media marketing presence to be effective, but you can use your social media accounts for far more than just engagement. Used correctly, your social media channels can help increase sales, drive revenues, and improve the organic reach of your business. Here are our top methods of leveraging social media marketing for sales and revenue:

Drive Social Media Traffic to your Main Site 

While entertainment, engagement and relationships are the focal point of your social media strategy, you should also be using your social media channels to drive traffic to your main website. Your site is your primary selling tool—sending traffic from social media to a specific landing page designed with conversions in mind can help move prospects into and through your sales funnel. Tracking the posts that drive the most traffic to your websites also allows you to see which pieces resonate best with your target audience. Set these posts (or ones like them) to automatically enter your social feeds, even if you are not available to post.

Post to Social Media Consistently 
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Both your posting frequency and variety can contribute to your growth and sales success. If your accounts aren’t current, you post outdated information, or are just languishing, you can’t rely on that content to refer users to your site. No referrals means no leads for your sales team—and no sales for you. Make sure your social sites are optimized and updated with new content regularly to leverage them for sales.

Run Social Media Only Campaigns

Make select sales open to your followers only or try offering select social followers the first chance to buy your latest items. This is an effective strategy if you sell to consumers and have one strong social media platform and hope to develop another. Letting your Facebook followers know there’s a special deal available only on your Instagram page will drive traffic to your page and some of them will certainly take advantage of the social media campaign as an active user.

Promote your Opt-In

If you have a tempting opt-in for your email newsletter, make sure you promote it regularly on your social channels. Every person that opts in will enter your sales funnel and move one step closer to actually making a purchase. Change your opt-in reward regularly to offer new content and fresh opportunities for your followers, which will increase brand awareness.

Use Social Media as a Customer Service Opportunity 

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Social media can boost your profits in more ways than one. If you’re accessible, customers can easily reach out to you with concerns. Handle these well and you’ll not only prevent the loss of a valuable account, you’ll show other followers how well you handle complaints and requests. Losing a customer or prospect can chip away at your profits, but savvy use of social media for your Tucson business can prevent losses and safeguard your revenues.

Your social media sites serve you best when they are part of a digital marketing strategy that incorporates all of your marketing efforts and is tailored to match your chosen audience. Contact us to learn more about creating a social media marketing strategy that will appeal to your target prospects, assist you in making the most of your existing social channels, and increase your profits.


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