Every year, businesses pay special attention to holiday marketing trends because so much of the yearly revenue revolves around the season. The 2020 digital marketing trends will be something completely different from any year we’ve experienced before. It’s difficult to say exactly how things will go. But there are some pretty big clues that businesses and marketers should pay attention to in order to prepare and come out on top.

This year, more than any other, your customer base has had some life-altering changes. Their lives look different during a pandemic than they ever have before. One of the best pieces of advice is to strive for personalization and a feeling of normalcy. Your customers will be looking for new ways to engage because their old ways are not currently an option.


Top Digital Marketing Trends for the 2020 Holiday Season

  • Make an Effort to Personalize. People are craving interaction today. When you make an effort to really communicate on a personal level with your customer base, they will appreciate it.
  • Tailor Your Offerings. For many businesses, there are ways to tailor or change their offerings to better serve the market right now. People can’t go to large gatherings or have their normal entertainment options. Can you find some way to fill those gaps with an alternative for them?
  • Online Sales Need to Be Early. This is a big one. Shipping and delivery is hampered because so many people are shopping online. Make sure that you’re getting ahead of this curve by proactively watching the shipping and delivery timeline and letting your customers know their best options in advance.
  • Use New Communication to Amplify Your Message. People are keeping in contact virtually. They use zoom and facetime and other options to get together without meeting in person. Can you creatively tap into this trend? Staying current will help make your messages appear more conversational and relatable.
  • Bring Back Nostalgia. Do you remember the days when companies sent holiday gifts and cards to their customers? It’s been a while but now is the perfect time to bring back this concept. If you have a real-world mailing list, send out personalized cards to thank customers for their business this year. Another option that goes a long way – include a handwritten thank you with items that you ship to customers this holiday season.

Social media and email campaigns are also exceptionally good digital campaign methods to help amplify your message. That’s not a trend as much as it is a digital marketing staple. The real pivot this year will be in finding ways to help customers create special holiday environments under the current circumstances. Offer valuable advice on ways to spend time with family and friends, whether virtually or in small groups. Look for ways to showcase your existing offerings and find ways to expand your offerings to meet current needs, where possible.

This holiday season promises to be challenging for businesses and customers alike. Taking a creative approach will make your company more memorable than a lot of the digital noise out there.


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