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Your Biggest Hurdle With ICD-10 (it’s not what you think)

While you may be most concerned with the changes to clinical documentation that ICD-10 brings with it, you’ve got a bigger challenge coming, and you’ll have to face it well Continue Reading →


End Of Life Plans And Valuation Of Your Medical Practice

Quick…how much is your life insurance policy worth? Even if you didn’t have an exact number, you have a general idea right? Now, if you had to sell your practice Continue Reading →

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Your Medical Practice Is A Business (…even if you act like it’s not.)

Healthcare has entirely too many MBAs. Looking at the practice of health purely as a business-person is painfully misguided. Still, sometimes, the business-people have a point. Healthcare might not be Continue Reading →


Healthcare Business Transition News: August 2014

Want these updates and more insight into healthcare business transitions delivered straight to your inbox every month? Sign up below. Subscribe to the StratGrow Newsletter  In this edition: New prospects Continue Reading →